Session #4: Dragonslayers

Team 1 Progress

Though distraught over the loss of Hogwash the Elf Bard, Pigsnout the Elf Fighter and Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard nevertheless realize that Snizzle, the drunken Cleric of Kroakatoa, can easily jump the 10 feet up to them. Before the War’tode can realize this, they beat a hasty retreat.

Returning to the KYPSELI CAVERN, they head south. This tunnel splits in two within five feet of the entrance. They can see that the tunnel goes on for quite a way to the south and to the southeast. Seeing the outline of another elf lying unconscious upon the ground about two-thirds of the way down the southeast tunnel, Pigsnout opts to check it out.

Meanwhile, Zayn Carthin awakes to find himself looking down at the body of Heibalar Goldenleaf, more commonly known as Hogwash. He remembers everything from before and finds himself standing before Hero. Hero explains that Hogwash is very dead, but that he can resurrect the soul Hogwash was attached to. As part of the bargain, he wishes to make Zayn an Arbiter, a holy rogue-paladin, for he has learned that Moriarty is choosing champions for himself and Hero suspects he will need heroes on his side as well. Zayn accepts the bargain and is transported back into the Temple of Wanjo.

It is he whom the others spot lying on the tunnel floor.

As they approach Zayn Carthin, he awakes and introduces himself. He accompanies them to the end of the passage. They come to a ledge overlooking a vast cavern bigger than any other they have yet come across. To the left, they see a rock wall interrupted by a set of double gates. To the right (the south), a wide pier juts into the waters of an enormous underground lake. Near the pier are rows and rows of prisoner CAGES. The rest of the cavern is taken up by the tents of the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT. The froggish soldiers are everywhere!

To the east on a platform raised as high as their, the heroes see a large mound of treasure and the throne of the Big Big Boss. Also of note is a tall stone ring that is obviously the WATER PORTAL Moriarty and Adventure, Inc. have asked them to repair.

Though there is another passage leading west, Zayn, Pigsnout and Meldor head back the way they came and take the second tunnel south. This leads to another overlook. This cavern is big (though not as vast as the cavern containing the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT and is boxed in on either side by two giant portcullises.

A young blue dragon stands in the center of the cavern, happily munching on the arm of a recent victim. Two fresh corpses lay nearby. There is a hole at the top of the DRAGON’S LAIR where the wounded dragon might normally enter and exit the room, but its wing injuries now prevent that.

Zayn Carthin tries to snipe the dragon but his arrow goes wide. When the bolt skitters across the stone floor, the dragon is alerted to their presence. Thinking to exterminate them quickly, it inhales sharply to unleash its breath weapon. Alarmed, the trio wisely retreats.

Yet by a strange twist of fate, the dragon has forgotten the arm in its mouth when it inhales. It finds itself choking on its food and, consequentially, it dies.

Team 2 Progress

After the war hammer of Kerla Chog the Human Fighter had permanently silenced the Wart’ode jailer, she, Davroar Hollysword the Elf Cleric, Fizzle the Elf Wizard and Cullos Crowbane the Human Wizard begin checking out what the GUARD STORAGE ROOM might have to scavenge.

An unlocked chest provides Cullos with several gold coins. The wizard decides to cast a Detect Magic spell but comes up with nothing noteworthy. A second chest is locked, but thinking quickly he lifts the keyring from the dead War’tode jailer and discovers a chest key, leading to more coin in his pocket.

Meanwhile in the GUARD ROOM adjacent, Fizzle noted that the door to the south is slightly ajar. He noted that it led to a catwalk extending both south and east overlooking a crypt. It was hard to make out details of the crypt due to a screen of ironworks that skirted the CATWALK OVERLOOK; however, a closer inspection revealed a large rectangular pool of water at the center below, bounded on its north and south ends by an archway. To either side east and west stood several stone sarcophagi. Continuing south down the cat walk, he realized that the walkway encircled the CRYPT OF THE OLD GUARD entirely, but a door led out at the southeast corner.

While Fizzle returned to his comrades after reconnaissance, Cullos warned Davroar that Fizzle, charmed until recently, “really likes War’todes. So be careful.”

Davroar replied, “So noted.”

Taking Fizzle’s advice, they headed for the southeast door of the catwalk. The did not then realize that Kerla Chog was no longer with them, likely having taken a set of stairs to the west of the guardroom. This door led to a short dark hallway that ended in a T-intersection. Even elven eyesight could not see past thirty feet down the corridor. Curious, Davroar crept along the east hallway.

Suddenly, he saw a light from a room and the sounds of a fiddle. Coming to a room with no less than 8 exits (two to each corner), they saw the fiddle player sitting at a long table in the middle of the ROOM OF EIGHT. Balin Thanatar did not seem surprised to see them. Almost casually, he tells them that they are stuck in a magical maze. He offers to sell them healing potions but they politely decline. He laughs and notes that his price will go up each time he asks.

Team 3 Progress

As the War’todes retreat down the tunnel, Bhardor Silvertongue the Dwarf Bard, Dishrag the Elf Cleric, and Katnip Everdeen the Dwarf Rogue head back the way they’d originally come. Finding the WEST WATCH CAVERN again, they considered heading up the ramp and discovering where the exit at the northeast of the chamber led, but then remembered the War’tode who’d retreated that way. Instead they dove into a tunnel on the west side of the ground floor.

This led to an enormous MUSHROOM FOREST CAVERN filled with mushrooms of ever size, from relatively normal to the size of a tree. They crept along carefully along the cavern wall, keeping the stone at their right. Spying four purple mushrooms, Bhardor thought to harvest them. His lesson that violet fungus should never be touched came instantly.

The team panicked a bit and headed east. Bhardor and Dishrag were not immediately aware they’d somehow lost Katnip.

They came to the DRAGON’S LAIR. This cavern is big (though not as big as the mushroom cavern) and is boxed in on either side by two giant portcullises. A young blue dragon slumbers in the center of the cavern. The skeletons and bones of past victims litter the cave. There is a hole at the top of the cave where the wounded dragon might normally enter and exit the room, but its wing injuries now prevent that. It has also sustained a wound in its side and on its muzzle.

Seeing the extent of the dragon’s injuries, Dishrag convinces Bhardor that they need to kill the dragon while it yet sleeps. Unfortunately, in his haste, Bhardor’s initial attack only served to waken the dragon. Dishrag followed up the attack, but likewise found the dragon’s scales a formidable defense. The dragon inhaled sharply to use its breath weapon to retaliate for the rude awakening, but Bhardor managed to get his weapon into its already wounded side. Gaining confidence from Bhardor’s attack, Dishrag attacked the dragon’s wounded snout, causing it to rear back defensively.

Unfortunately, when the dragon recovered from the initial attack, it struck fast, biting Bhardor hard and nearly killing him. Dishrag rushed to his comrade’s aid. The dragon reared back and turned its head to the side, remembering Dishrag’s previous attack. Dishrag’s weapon bounced off its muzzle easily. In reaction, the dragon unleashed its breath weapon.

The lightning attack blasts Dishrag back several feet and leaves him an inch from death. Realizing they were in jeopardy but would not likely escape if they fled, Bhardor pressed the attack but his thrust slid past the dragon’s vulnerable wound. The dragon ripped off Bhardor’s sword arm for spite. Losing massive amounts of blood, Bhardor loses consciousness.

Howling with grief and rage, Dishrag makes one last desperate attack. His mace bounces harmlessly off dragonscale. The dragon’s jaws descenf, taking Dishrag by the head. It lifts the elf off his feet and jerks him back and forth like a terrier with a rat. In utter contempt, the monster slings Dishrag’s lifeless body across the cavern.

The victorious dragon then settles down and began feasting on Bhardor’s arm.

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