Session #7: Cursed Blessing

Team 1 Progress

Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard and Odin Thunderhammer the Dwarf Fighter are taken from the CAGES and accompanied into the TEMPLE OF WANJO by Captain Gurglepuss, Zaptongue and 13 War’todes. In the EXAMINATION ROOM, the War’todes find a human, dwarf and an elf, whom they force to surrender. Shortly after leaving the EXAMINATION ROOM, they hear a loud explosion.

Retreating back into the EXAMINATION ROOM, Gurglepuss sends scouts to see what’s going on.
Upon discovering another group of intruders, sent the draconic Zaptongue and a handful of warriors to deal with them. After the sounds of a quick skirmish, the ceiling falls in but the party only suffers minor injuries as a result.

Team 2 Progress

After carefully taking positions around the LIBRARY, Davroar Hollysword the Elf Cleric, Kerla Chog the Human Fighter, Fizzle the Elf Wizard and Cullos Crowbane the Human Wizard began their assault.

Taking the Ipsimus sentry by surprise, Davroar attacked it with his mace. Cullos followed up the attack with a Ray of Frost to slow the squid-like monster down. Fizzle added injury with a Fire Bolt.

The Ipsimus immediately attempted to flee but Davroar hit the tentacled monster with a Chaos Bolt. It exploded instantly, covering them in ichor.

Knowing the sound of the explosion could likely attract unwanted attention, they quickly looted the bodies of the opponents the Ipsimus had previously slain in the LIBRARY. Cullos comes out with a lionshare of loot, including much gold coin, several daggers and gems, a hand axe, a hammer and 8 pitons. He also grabs the Star Sapphire that Katnip Everdeen the Dwarf Rogue had unsuccessfully tried to steal. He notes the Adventure Inc. badge on Katnip’s body. He offers Fizzle a dagger, the latter of whom is complaining that the others are taking all of the loot, to “make the noise stop” and Davroar offers the wizard a sip of healing potion.

Heading east into a hallway, they are immediately herded up a flight of circular stairs by a contingent of War’todes. They find themselves facing the draconian War’tode called Zaptongue and several more War’tode warriors in the GUARD ROOM.

Zaptongue calls for their surrender but they attempt to retreat into the adjacent GUARD STORAGE ROOM. Hoping to counter whatever abilities Zaptongue possesses, Davroar the Cleric of Moriaty casts a Janusian Blessing upon the creature. The double-edged blessing of Moriarty allows Zaptongue to utilize his lightning breath to devastating effect.

Cullos is killed instantly.

The blast also weakened a structural support enough to bring both the GUARD ROOM and the GUARD STORAGE ROOM into the EXAMINATION ROOM below.

Despite the loss of Cullos and minor injuries from the fall, Davroar and Fizzle still thought to put up a fight. To that end, Fizzle cast Charm on Zaptongue. No one was more surprised that it worked than Fizzle himself!

Team 3 Progress

Bofril Greybender the Dwarf Fighter and Katnip Everdeen the Dwarf Rogue awaken as shades in the REALM OF B.O.B. The find themselves in the ROOM OF LOST THINGS, which contains items as varied as coin purses, writs of identification, socks, toys, daggers, dice, boots and what have you. None of the items can be moved. At one end of the room is a tapestry depicting the frog god War’t and an erupting volcano. They immediately note triangle shaped icons with and eye inside in the center of the tapestry and along the top and bottom borders of the tapestry; however, the bottom icon was missing the eye’s pupil. Across the room was a framed painting of a treasure hoard. As they watched, a figure walked into the picture from the edge of the frame, grabbed a few coins, waved at them and then went back the way he came.

They decided to investigate. Katnip tried running into the edge of the frame, only to find out just how fragile he was as a shade. His efforts weren’t a complete loss. A few coins fell out of the edge of the frame. The thief inside the painting appeared again. This time, he pointed at a coin and then toward a cage. Inside the cage, a faerie frozen in time was pointing at the tapestry.

On a whim, Bofril placed a coin in the empty icon, whereupon the pair were instantly transported inside the tapestry. After navigating its maze, they decided to head toward a low thrumming sound even though it sounded suspiciously like the word “B.O.B.”

Suddenly they found themselves suspended in space. Before them appeared a pyramid shaped figure wreathed in flame. A giant eye sat in each face. The figure identified itself:

“I am Death!”

The entity noted that they knew him in this realm as B.O.B. and warned them that they had not been seeing what was really going on. Since they’d been magically kidnapped from another realm, their minds had been translating some of what they heard and saw in terms they were more familiar with. While B.O.B. had been providing husks to Moriarty, he was displeased with the way things were going. It was apparent that Moriarty was meddling with the Prophecy of the Starkiller. B.O.B. told them that he was only interested in expanding his own kingdom and offered them new husks in return for stealing a Star Sapphire to thwart Moriarty and Hero’s plans, thereby ensuring more death.

To return the Star Sapphire to his realm, he warned them that they would have to die. When Bofril pressed for a reason why he should do that, B.O.B. scoffed and reminded him that it was better to die than to lose your soul.

They agree to B.O.B.’s terms.

A moment later, they find themselves in the ROOM OF EIGHT in new husks. Katnip is now Thril Wolfsbane the Elf Fighter, while Bofril is now the Acindor the Human Fighter.
Balin Thanatar greets them as fellow servants of B.O.B. and seems to know what they’ve just been through. When questioned, he notes that the things which disappear into his cloak sometimes end up in B.O.B.’s realm but he gets to keep the rest.

Acindor and Thril quickly bring Weddumlir Aleshield the Dwarf Fighter up to speed, telling them what had occurred in the REALM OF B.O.B. and how they’d come to occupy new husks. Exiting the ROOM OF EIGHT, they navigate their way through the magical maze and end up in the EXAMINATION ROOM.

As they were deciding on their next move, 15 War’todes and their human captives entered the room from the south. They noted that one of these new War’todes didn’t look right. It almost looked as if he’d been magically crossed with a blue dragon. Recalling his previous death as Bhardor Silvertongue the Dwarf Bard, Acindor wisely offered to surrender when another War’tode identifying himself as Captain Gurglepuss demanded it.

Moments later, everyone heard a loud bang. After sending scouts to investigate, Captain Gurglepuss sent the draconic Zaptongue and a handful of warriors to deal with another set of intruders.

After the sounds of a quick skirmish, the ceiling fell in but the party only suffered minor injuries as a result.

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