Session #9: Into the Tidelands

The adventurers find their progress interrupted by visions of their respective patron deities who are displeased with their lack of progress.

When the visions dissipate, Zayn Carthin the Rogue-Paladin, Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard, and Davroar Hollyshield the Elf Cleric discover the others have vanished.

While they are investigating the GUARD SLEEPING QUARTERS, they discover Nathan Garney, Human Cleric of Ridley and Ripley, tied up and locked in a trunk. He doesn’t know how he got there, but he does tell them that he is Cullos Crowbane in a new husk and that he is a cleric on a mission. Zayn Carthin unties him.

Kerla Chog the Human Fighter then bursts from the closet, having been spit out by the Temple of Wanjo’s magical maze. She explains that she was briefly buried in the rubble when Davroar cast Moriarty’s Janusian Blessing and escaped the Wart’odss’ notice.

Stepping into the corridor, Kerla examines the black tarp ominously covering the end. When she pulls it back, sunlight spills into the prison. They are twenty feet above a wide beach dotted with beach grass.

“That seems too cheery,” Kerla Chog remarks. “I don’t trust it.”

Despite her trepidation, they decide to check out the beach. Meldor Ironforge’s dwarven footing fails him, whereupon he tumbles down to stretches of the steep boulder talus that make up their staircase down.

While distracted by the site of crocostriders patrolling the waters near a small island with a conspicuous statue, the party is attacked by bushwackys.

A skirmish ensues.

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