Session #11: The Corrupted

Three Fighters Return and a New Foe

Three fighters, the human Acindor, the dwarf Weddumlir Aleshield, and the elf Thril Wolfsbane, awake after their audiences with their respective gods to find themselves in unfamiliar surroundings. Acindor and Thril have just been chastised by B.O.B. for not yet securing a Star Sapphire; According to their deal, they only have 8 days yet remaining to fulfill their end of the beggar’s bargain. Weddumlir was likewise reminded by Hero that he needed to repair the WATER PORTAL and that he was, in fact, going in the opposite direction. He clarified that Wedd needed to secure a Star Sapphire and then retrace his steps to the portal.

After realizing they were in a KITCHEN, they quickly searched their new environs. A quick peak out the single window revealed that they were high above the ground… er, waters. The view on the horizon was obscured by clouds or fog. Peering carefully through the front exit, they spied a DINING HALL. With the door barely cracked, they could see a halfling stood on the other side; however, there was something off about him. The Halfling was grey, including his clothes. Though he didn’t move, he did not appear to have been turned to stone.

Backing up, they checked out the other exit from the KITCHEN, but it turned out to be a LARDER at the bottom of a flight of stairs.

Proceeding back the way they came, they took the first exit from the KITCHEN. Upon fully opening the door, they realized the DINING HALL had not one but four occupants, three being previously hidden from view. A Tidal Elf, a Dwarf and a Human, each as unnaturally gray as the Halfling stood around a dining table stacked with food. The Corrupted all turned to look at the intruders but did not make a move against them.

When they did not respond to their inquiries, Thril decided to search the Corrupted human, at which point it reached out and tried to grab him. Thril quickly dodged out of its reach. Acindor warily stationed himself next to the double doors leading to the PATIO. Wedd leapt atop the table near him. The Corrupted went on the attack dealing damage to Thril and Acindor.

Thril retaliated by successfully attacking the Corrupted Halfling. Acindor’s weapon passed completely through his foe but left no mark or sign of damage. Wedd attempted to assist Thril but fared no better than Acindor. Thril suffered damage from the Corrupted Dwarf while Acindor suffered a critical hit from the Corrupted Human, forcing him to flee to the PATIO.

Cornered, Thril hopped over a serving table and made his way to the other corner of the room to escape the Corrupted rushing him. Wedd rushed in to attack the Corrupted Halfling but missed in his urgency to distract them from Thril.

Together Against the Corrupted

At this point Zayn Carthin the Elf Arbiter (Rogue-Paladin), Davroar Hollysword the Elf Cleric of Moriarty, Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard, Kerla Chog the Human Fighter, Jotun Yggdrasil the Dwarf Cleric of Moriarty, and Nathan Garney the Human Cleric of Everly heard the commotion and rushed to their aid. The others did not realize that Nathan Garney never made it to the battle, so intent were they on the fight.

Zayn met with immediate bad luck. Not only did his sword fail him, he found himself stuck fast up to the elbow in the Corrupted Tidal Elf’s chest! At this point, the adventurers seriously considered the possibility that they were dealing with wights, revenants or even humanized gelatinous cubes! Yotun attempted to bring some bludgeoning damage to the Corrupted Tidal Elf holding Zayn; however, upon crossing the table, he slipped on the dishes. Nevertheless he managed a blow from his warhammer that proved ineffectual except perhaps at making the Corrupted angry. The Corrupted’s head splattered in every direction from the hit, but then quickly reformed. Kerla Chog’s warhammer strike against the Corrupted Human was much more effective. Still needing a replacement weapon after the loss of his quarterstaff, Meldor grabbed a torch off the wall and attempted to bludgeon the Corrupted Human, but his too route forced him to cross the table. Like Jotun, he slipped on dishes and fell into his foe. Meldor suffered minor burns when the Corrupted Human ignited and, like Zayn, he found his arm stuck fast in the creature’s torso. Davroar took a moment to examine the creatures. He noted the aura of divine magic on them and noted that in addition to the four foes in the room, his magic detected another foe on a stairwell leading down into the DINING HALL.

Confused by the sudden entrance of new foes, the Corrupted’s attempts to counterattack are ineffectual, even though a Corrupted Tidal Goblin joins them from the stairs. Even so, Zayn starts to turn gray from the corrupting influence of the creature that held him. Seeking to escape, Thril attacked the Corrupted Human from behind. The creature met its end on his blade. It uttered a fearsome screech as it dissolved into gas. As it expired, they saw the image of a baleful eye rimmed in a triangle of flame. Thril and Acindor recognized the image as the eye of B.O.B. and realized the Corrupted were their new master’s handiwork. The death of the Corrupted Human freed Meldor from its grasp. Meldor retreated to the PATIO to nurse his wounds.

Wedd attacked the Corrupted Dwarf and found himself stuck fast. Jotun shot the Corrupted Tidal Elf with his light crossbow but it held fast onto its prize. While Zayn continued to be corrupted by his captor, Kerla Chog attacked the Corrupted Dwarf and found himself stuck fast to it with Weddumlir. Davroar hoped to rescue Zayn from his fate, but the Corrupted Tidal Goblin was in his way. Firing off a chaos bolt, he dealt his target such psychic damage that the creature expired on the spot. The attack was enough to momentarily distract completely absorbing him. Thril attempted to attack the Corrupted Dwarf holding two of his comrades but by a twisted bit of luck became the third person entrapped by the creature! Weddumlir managed to pull himself free and landed on the banquet table behind him.

The Party Corrupted

Alas! Zayn Carthin finally succumbed to the creature holding him and was transformed into a Corrupted himself! Being practical, Jotun attacked the Corrupted Zayn Carthin and got his arm stuck inside him for the effort. Kerla Chog managed to free herself from the Corrupted Dwarf. Davroar hit the Corrupted Zayn Carthin with a sacred flame, but the creature held fast to his prize and attempts to pull Jotun deeper into itself. The Corrupted Tidal Elf attacked Jotun to keep him manageable during the the process of being turned. Meanwhile the Corrupted Dwarf finally turned Thril, the second member of the party to fall! The Corrupted Halfling attempted to grab Weddumlir again but he dashed out of reach.

Realizing things were turning dire and they might need a means of escape, Acindor positioned himself by the PATIO doors with a piton at ready to bar the exit after his friends dashed out of the DINING HALL, if necessary. Wedd tugged Jotun out of the Corrupted Dwarf and both fell onto the table. Jotun shot Zayn with a light crossbow in retaliation for trying to turn him. Kerla Chog said a quick prayer to Hero and successfully pounded the Corrupted Dwarf with her hammer, dealing it damage for the first time. Davroar grimly cast more sacred flame at the Corrupted Zayn Carthin, vanquishing him in a puff of smoke.

Not wishing to suffer the same fate, Kerla Chog found her resolve and wrenched herself free from the Corrupted Dwarf. Corrupted Thril Wolfsbane attempted to ambush Kerla, overshot the human fighter and ran into a lit torch on the wall, catching fire instantly as if soaked in kerosene. Having already taken too much damage, Wedd retreated out the doors to the PATIO while Kerla Chog scrambled onto the table to get out of reach. As the Corrupted filed into a line to pursue them around the table, Jotun said a quick prayer to Moriarty to heal his wounds. Davroar cast sacred flame at the Corrupted Tidal Elf, sending it back to the Realm of B.O.B.

Desperate Measures

Wedd rushed back into the DINING HALL, leapt atop the table and came down in a slashing strike upon the Corrupted Halfling. Meanwhile, Jotun had decided upon an improbable plan. Conspiring with Kerla Chog, he heaved the human fighter at the Corrupted Dwarf with the aid of his Gauntlets of Ogre Strength. Kerla intended to strike the dwarf with her weapon when she reached her target but this wasn’t exactly a maneuver they’d practiced. her warhammer missed, but she did manage to bowl the Corrupted Dwarf backward. When the former made contacted with the Corrupted Thril, the fire spread to him as well. Meanwhile, Davroar tried to put the Corrupted Halfling out of the contest, but missed. Wedd also tried to finish the creature and became stuck fast in the Corrupted once more.

Encouraged by what he saw as a valiant success, Jotun the Mad Dwarf Cleric of Moriarty leapt down from the table, grabbed a chair and heaved it at the Corrupted Halfling …and clipped Davroar in the back of the head with it instead! Recovering from being used as a bludgeon, Kerla Chog scrambled to her feet and, seeing Weddumlir’s plight, quickly pulled the dwarf fighter free of the Corrupted Halfling.

At last, Davroar managed to put the Corrupted Halfling out of the fight. The two Corrupteds remaining expired under their own flames.

With two of their party gone, they retreated to the PATIO. After Acindor pitoned the doors shut, they agreed to take a much-needed rest, whereupon they finally realized that Nathan Garney was missing.

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