Session #15: Unexpected Aid

Things were impossibly grim for the adventurers. As Weddumlir Aleshield the Dwarf Fighter crept up behind the Basilisk, Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard used his flaming blade to fend off Corrupted Cuervos and a Corrupted Jelly. The dwarf-friend hovered protectively over the recently slain body of Acindor the Human Fighter, whose demise had attracted the attention of B.O.B. himself, the Outlander god of Death and Lost Things, through the Chamber’s main portal. As B.O.B. began to draw Thril Wolfsbane the Ghost Elf Fighter and Acindor into the Realm of Lost Things, Davroar Hollysword the Elf Cleric of Moriarty found himself unexpectedly teleported out of the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION by the Mad God Moriarty.

Undeterred by the impossible odds, Wedd closed in on the Basilisk and prepared to strike.

At that very moment, the adventurers heard a voice shouting, “This way! This way! It’s just as Iwix described it. I’m telling you – Yes! And it’s already open! We can go in there! We can – No! River, no! Don’t touch anything in here! Everly will kill us all. So don’t touch anything. Follow me! This way, me bairns!”

Through the mimic portal from the SANCTUARY of EVERLY appeared Geralt Goldenblade the Dwarf Fighter dressed in a kilt with a stout square shield. The dwarf glanced over the ledge, took a quick estimation of the room and shouted down to Wedd, “Ah, yes! It’s just as Iwix described it. You there! Pull the dagger from the basilisk’s back. We’ll take care of the rest.”

At this point, Xodax the Halfling Cleric, Eobrix Alebane the Halfling Bard, River Hopfoot the War’tode Rogue, Quelynn Rinn the Tidal Elf Priestess, and Martin Dossen, a strangely dressed Human Fighter, appear at the top of the landing beside Geralt Goldenblade.

Encouraged by these reinforcement, Wedd did as he was bid, hopping atop the Basilisk’s back and tugging the dagger free. Meldor moved his flaming sword closer to Thril to afford the ghostly fighter so protection from the Corrupted Cuervos surrounding them. Not willing to be coddled, Thril attacked the Cuervos nearest him with his Withering Touch but the creature twisted itself to avoid the attack and then grappled the earthbound ghost.

Martin Dossen the Human Fighter, wearing strange clothing the adventurers had never seen before (Including blue jeans, an Anthem rock T-shirt and a leather duster), drew forth a futuristic weapon and took aim at the basilisk. Unfortunately, Martin was so intent on looking cool as he came to their rescue that he fumbled the weapon and dropped it from the top landing. As the weapon hit the floor twenty feet below, it misfired. A laser bolt hit Wedd squarely in the back of the neck, killing Him instantly!

Horrified at his mistake, Martin glanced again at the eye of B.O.B. In the portal across the CHAMBER and called over his shoulder, “Puddles! Odin! A little help!”

Two more figures, Puddles the Goblin Cannoneer and Odin Thunderhammer the Dwarf Fighter, appeared at the top of the stair landing. Odin took one look at the basilisk and the dead dwarf fighter still on its back and threw his javelin with vengeful purpose. The javelin struck true, killing the basilisk instantly.

The River Hopfoot the War’tode Rogue attempted to attack a Corrupted Cuervos, but was forced to dodge out of the way of its swiping grasp, lest she end up like Thril.

Puddles The Goblin Cannoneer unloaded his hand cannon on a Cuervos, blasting it apart. Xodak the Halfling Cleric used a crossbow bolt to hurt another.

Their dwarf leader leaped down the full twenty feet from the top ledge to the floor below, unwilling to take the time to use the stairs. The Cuervos moved in to meet him, but found themselves repelled by an invisible shield.

Meldor drove the Cuervos on his side of the CHAMBER back with his flaming sword. One Cuervos who was unable to retreat due to the close press of his fellow was set afire by the flames. Thril used that opportunity to pull himself free of the Corrupted grappling him.

Acindor felt his resolve weaken under B.O.B.’s baleful gaze. He drifted toward the portal against his will.

Seeing his plight, Geralt Goldenblade shouted up to the Portal. “Begone, Outsider!”

B.O.B. Turned his attention to the dwarf. His eye widened. “You,” he noted without emotion.

“Hush now! You’re the intruder here! I’ll take no lip from strange gods. You’ll answer to the Lordfs of the Seven Worlds, usurper. Begone!”

B.O.B. blinked. The portal closed.

Acindor remained spectrally in the CHAMBER. Both mightily relieved and confused, he nonetheless was drawn to the fact that his newly formed husk had appeared in one of the vat coffins.

Geralt Goldenblade threw his square shield at one of the Corrupted. It sliced neatly in half but then reformed as the shield magically returned to the dwarf’s arm. Meanwhile, Xodak the Halfling Cleric used his crossbow to take out one of the other Corrupted as Eobrix the Halfling Bard made his way down the stairs to the ground floor.

Meldor and Thril Readied themselves for the Corrupted’s next assault, hoping the newcomers could help them survive the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION.

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