Session #28: The Fearless

Weddumlir Aleshield the Dwarf Fighter, Davroar Hollysword the Elf Cleric of MoriartyNathan Garney the Human Cleric of Everly, Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard, Acindor the Human Fighter and Thril Wolfsbane the Elf Fighter took a moment to determine best how to deal with the squad of orcs who had suddenly made an encampment at the base of the tower they needed to reach. There were three orcs at street level. One stood at the rear with a female figure who was shrouded in a cloak and cowl. That orc was more heavily muscled than the others. His face was painted in a crimson skull with three vertical stripes running through it. The others had only one or two such stripes. There were three more orc archers posted on the rooftops of nearby buildings.

Recalling that the tower sentry had told them about orcs who’d came and damaged the original power crystal, they easily realized that the orcs were here to stop them from undoing their handiwork.

“We are the Fearless!” the orc leader shouted. “You will surrender!”

Davroar raised his chin. “If they want a fight, let’s give them one,” he said.

The others agreed, but also decided that they should engage the orcs’ attention while Meldor took advantage of his still-active flight spell to circle around the buildings to reach the tower by a less direct route, hopefully without them noticing.

The Fearless took full advantage of the bottleneck they controlled, letting the adventurers get as close as they dated while archers got into position to rain down damage from.the second story rooftops.

Davroar cast confusion on the first orc he met, who immediately wandered off.. Acindor engaged the other but found him a tough opponent. Even with Thril moving in to back him up, the orcs seemed unfazed by their wounds. Even bloodied, the orc came at them without the slightest bit of caution, apparently unconcerned with its own persomal safety.

In closer quarters, they got a better look at the female accompanying the Fearless.  They were taken aback to realize she was a half goblin wearing the uniform of the Sisterhood of Shettebrek. They had no time to ponder why an assassin sworn to serve both the Nylbolgia and Shettebrek would choose to fight with orcs who were undermining Shettebrek’s operation here,, for she unleashed three arrows.. to their surprise and dismay, she aimed high into the air. Her arrows landed on the rooftops, where three more orc archers sprung into existence in each missile’s place.

The adventurers were forced to take whatever slim cover they could under the edges of the rooftops and behind their shields as the archers rained down arrows upon them. Once the assault ended, the clerics concentrated their efforts on the assassin. While they managed to wound her, the bloodied orc managed to prevent her death at the cost of his own.

Their leader finally stepped in to intervene with a blood-curdling war cry. He hurtled into the adventurers like a berserker of old, forcing them to take a defensive posture. The assassin took advantage of the orc barbarian’s rage-fueled chaos to draw another arrow. When this one landed, she was teleported to the rooftops with it.

Fortunately, the archers could not rain another volley down.upon them just yet. The answered too close to their leader for an effective shot. Unfortunately, Meldor had been spotted and he made a pretty tempting target.

The confused orc shook off the spell’s effects in time to be sent back to whatever gods he served by the party, who found a new wind of determination, partly because they knew Meldor needed them to be the Fearless’ primary focus right now. Their efforts caused the orc leader, severely wounded during the conflict, to step back and with sudden, unnatural calm cast a thunderwave down the street in their direction, driving a few of them back. The archers tried to take advantage of this surprise move, but when the clerics took out the half-goblin assassin, the three archers she conjured vanished. The remaining archers were momentarily taken aback by this sudden reduction of their numbers.

This allowed Meldor the window he needed to drop the replacement power crystal into the waiting hands of the tower sentry. As the sentry quickly went to work exchanging the crystals, Meldor landed on a nearby rooftop and blasted away an enemy archer.

Seeing the beginnings of their defeat, the orc leader placed a hunting horn to his lips and blew a call for reinforcements. The leader succumbed to the adventurers’ skill and might a few moments later. As he fell, Nathan, Thril and Wedd headed for the metal tower to guard it against whatever the Fearless were sending next while Acindor and Davroar took to buildings on opposite sides of the street, trying to find a way to the rooftops to help Meldor take out the last two archers. Meldor dispatched his foe before Acindir reached him but Davroar was able to take out the archer on the opposite side.

To their dismay, the orc leader’s horn had summoned an ettin champion. The two-headed giant bounded down the mountain side from the sentry ledge they’d spotted when the fog lifted. Once he’d reached the street level of the DOCKYARD, the brute quickly covered the distance to the tower.

Realizing they were too far out of position to be of use, Meldor and Acindor made their way back down through the building they were on, hoping to reach their friends in time to be of assistance. Wedd and Thril took positions in front of Nathan as they sized up their newest foe, while Davroar got into position to utilize his spiritual weapon at the giant from above.

As the ettin closed in, they felt the winds of an unnatural storm whipping through the streets. As the rain began to fall, the ettin rushed to meet them, weapons swinging.

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