The Vengeance of Davroar (Ballad)

The Vengeance of Davroar (or The Hero of Shettebrek)

A ballad by Percivius Knotfork the Kobold Bard

If you’d like to follow along, the acapella tune can be heard at:

Hark! Hear my story
I swear is true word
An uncommon champion
Davroar Hollysword

Barbarian orcs
Who called themselves Fearless
Set out to slay Davroar
Who just was not impressed

For this hero proud
All hail Moriarty
He stood without fear
And spoiled their party

His warriors brave
Nathan and Meldor
And also there were
Thril and Acindor

And nobody else
Twas these heroes four
Who standing by Davroar
The power restored

For this hero proud
All hail Moriarty
With comrades stood true
And spoiled their party

The Fearless’ Champion
A brute with two heads
With his mighty weapons
Killed Thril Wolfsbane dead

From two stories high
Davroar leapt insane
With a shout to his god
Cut the ettin in twain

For this Hero proud
All hail, Moriarty
Brought chaos and vengeance
And spoiled their party

And became
The Champion
     The mighty defender

The Hero of Shettebrek!
Of Shettebrek!
He is the Hero
Of Shettebrek!

The Hero of (Big thanks from) Shettebrek!
Of (From) Shettebrek!
All hail Moriarty
For the Hero
Of Shettebrek!

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