Notes from the Ledger: Things you might need to know

Gloss from the Ledger of Kronos Panoptes the Chronicler.

How it started

About 15 characters started off in the TEMPLE OF WANJO on the Blue World of CAERULEUM. They had no memories and were in the wrong bodies. Most of the adventurers have died off and/or traded their “husks” for their true bodies. Only Meldor Ironforge remains in the husk he woke up in.

What are we supposed to be doing?

The current main quest is to open the Water Portal on CAERULEUM. This is a portal connecting the Blue World of CAERULEUM to the hub world of FARRAGO through the ELDERWYLD. It’s located just outside the TEMPLE OF WANJO in a large cavern serving as the main WAR’TODE ENCAMPMENT of Big Big Boss Gilderwart. It takes a star sapphire worth 1000 GP to open the portal and it xan only be opened from the CAERULEUM side.

The current immediate quest is to steal an unpublished spell to create lesser abominations from Obscurus’ MANSION atop PEACOCK ISLAND. Joe Stufts the necromancer,  and Obscurus’ brother, placed an assassin’s mark on Nathan Garney and Odin Thunderhammer,  giving them 24 hours to locate the spell before he activated the mark and the Red Circle comes for them. The Red Circle will use Nathan to find and kill everyone else associated with the events of SMUGGLER SPEAK.

Current side quests include:

  • Deliver silver bars to Gunny Saks via a Tethered Sack of Holding in return for the chance to be sold silver weapons and a Sack of Holding. [Quest status: This quest is complete but still requires collection]
  • Bring stacks of special spell-grade parchment to Fizwick’s Fantastickals in exchange for spell scrolls based at a spell level per sheath delivered. The special parchments are necessaryfor spells above the 2nd level. [Quest status: They learned the parchment were on the office on TYRAN FIRION]
  • Collect a sackful of special bioluminescent mushrooms that grow amongst the moonstone grass in the TEMPLE MINES to Azrael the Apothecary and the still *also located in the MINES) used to brew the fungal moonshine that was key to his strongest potions of healing. In return, Davroar will receive 1 free Potion of Superior Healing and 1 standard healing potion for the distillery and the chance to buy another Potion of Superior Healing at half price (200 gold) if he brought back the sack of mushrooms. [Quest status: The still was collected but the adventurers were drawn into a faerie ring before they could harvest any mushrooms. The still has yet to be returned to Azrael]
  • Find the Staff of Summoning for the Big Big Boss in return for their freedom. [Quest status: Abandoned after the adventurers escaped War’tode captivity.]

Inns, Shops & Taverns

  • AZRAEL THE APOTHECARY [Shop] – Sky Bazaar.  Also, Saint Albans/Pig City, Caeruleum sector of Farrago [Shop quarantined]. Potions. Wears a Mask of Unusual Insight.
  • BIG MIKE’S MERCANTILE [Shop] – Saint Albans/Pig City, Caeruleum sector of Farrago. A shop of sundries,  mostly of a mundane nature. Doesn’t sell magical items or serve wizards or other magic-users due to the Infected.
  • B.O.B.’S THRIFT SHOPPE [Shop] – Middleborough,  Caeruleum sector of Farrago. B.O.B. has no use for shrines or temples but his faithful do need coin, so they sells off many of the lost items he collects to find his enterprises.
  • EXCELSIOR [Inn] – Claw Island, Caeruleum sector of Farrago. Made from the wreck of a galleon. Owner and staff suffer from an aberrant form of the Innsmouth curse. Otuk the Innkeep is described as a “toss between man-shaped coral and a bunch of tentacles.” His wait staff are less transformed than he is. He keeps two checkers-playing minotaur bouncers nearby.
  • FIZWICK’S FANTASTICKALS [Shop] – Sky Bazaar. Spell scrolls sold by Fizwick, a female tabaxi. A Star Sapphire valued at 1000 GP.
  • GUNNY SAKS [Shop] – Sky Bazaar. Halfling blacksmiths specializing in nonmagical handheld and martial weapons, silvered weapons. Bag of Holding
  • HERO’S EMPORIUM OF AWESOMENESS [Shop] – Middleborough,  Caeruleum sector of Farrago. Hero is willing to sell items Adventure Inc has scavenged. As a bard god, he mostly trades in information. Proprietor is always a marble bust of Hero.
  • HOGFEATHERS [Tavern] – Sky Bazaar. Bouncer is a minotaur named Fluffy.
  • JOE STUFTS MAGICAL TAXIDERMY & PET SHOPPE [Shop] – Middleborough, Caeruleum sector of Farrago.  Specializes in rogue necromantic taxidermy.
  • MORIARTY’S CHAOSIUM [Shop] – Middleborough,  Caeruleum sector of Farrago. Technically, a holy site of Moriarty that sells Chaos Potions.
  • OOLA [Shop] – Sky Bazaar. Fortune teller/Oracle.
  • PEACOCK SHIPPING COMPANY [Shop] – Peacock Island,  Caeruleum sector of Farrago. A front for Shettebrek’s enterprises. Currently shipping out cursed Sweet Dream Sally dolls across Farrago.
  • WOLF AND PIG [Tavern] – Saint Albans/Pig City, Caeruleum sector of Farrago. Ikzea, an Ipsimus bartender.

The Veterans

Five characters have been with us since the beginning:

  • Acindor, a human fighter who was once Bhardor Silvertongue and Bofril Greybender. The de facto leader. He is chosen as Hero’s Gotternacht champion.
  • Davroar Hollysword,  elf cleric of the Mad God Moriarty.
  • Meldor Ironforge, a dwarf wizard.
  • Nathan Garney,  human cleric of Everly
  • Weddumlir Aleshield,  dwarf shield knight and chosen Gotternacht champion of Baldnoggin

Notable NPCs

These aren’t necessarily enemies, but not all of them are friendly either.

  • Aristophanes “Aris” Majeur, also known as Tall Man. One of the few named persons within the Cult of Nobody. The Supreme leader of the Cult of Nobody
  • Big Boss Trufflegut – Leader of the War’todes of the Giant’s Footprint and sits on the throne at GIGHOLE KEEP.
  • Big Big Boss Gilderwart – Leader of the War’tode rebels encamped outside the TEMPLE OF WANJO. His throne and loot pile sit right on front of the water portal. He is trying to gather enough “tributes” to appease War’t. Uses a Crown of Domination to force others (including Murkplop) to do his bidding.
  • Braucia Graeme, aka the Kiss of Death, the Left Hand of Thanatar – A necromancer who serves Thanatar. Currently controls TYRAN FIRION in Caeruleum.
  • Captain Gurglepuss – War’tode captain. Thinks the Big Big Boss’ plan to summon the god War’t is a bad idea. Wants to recover the Staff of Summoning instead.
  • Cuisses de Grenouille – A tidal elf disguised in a War’tode costume. The War’todes call by the mocking nickname “Froglegs” (as his elven legs always give him away under closer inspection). He is attempting to free “Murkplop” from the Big Big Boss’ thrall.
  • Eobrix Alebane – A Halfling Bard. A member of Hero Inc.
  • Fizzle the Fifth – A wizard who uses a magical door on Pevensie Island to help others magic users escape mobs of Redforges. Met Fizzle and is one of several magic users to rename themselves Fizzle in his honor.
  • Florin – A pixie who works in an unnamed gambling den in Saint Albans, Caeruleum sector of Farrago.
  • Fluffy – The scarred minotaur bodyguard who protects HOGFEATHERS.
  • Geralt “Gerry” Goldenblade – A dwarf fighter who is really the Avatar of the god Baldnoggin in disguise. Leads Hero Inc.
  • Hedd and Not-Hedd – Goblin miners in the TEMPLE MINES
  • Inkblot Tealeaf – A rogue who leaves behind simple if useful maps.
  • Joe Stufts – A necromantic taxidermist working for Braucia Graeme. Half brother of Obscurus. Owner if JOE STUFTS MAGICAL TAXIDERMY & PET SHOPPE in Middleborough, Caeruleum sector of Farrago.
  • Laris the Apostate – A former cleric of Wanjo who drunkenly frequents HOGFEATHERS
  • Magda Tod – A female Cuervos whom Nathan Garney tricked in SMUGGLER SPEAK. Now The leader of the Cult of Nobody on Caeruleum.
  • Martin Dossen – A strangely dressed human Artificer from Erythaean. A member of Hero Inc.
  • Murkplop” – A tidal elf wizard found in a bullywug costume, spying on the encampment. As a punishment, he has been enthralled by a Crown of Domination and led to believe he himself is a bullywug named Murkplop. Murkplop is a War’tode term for the sound poop makes falling into swampwater. He has transmogrified all of the statues and decorations in the Temple of Wanjo to reflect “his truth.”
  • Neutrino “Neut” Blastomere – A gnome Pig farmer. A pocket of the Elderwyld empties into his pig pen in Saint Albans, Caeruleum sector of Farrago.
  • Odin Thunderhammer – Dwarf fighter. Member of Hero Inc.
  • Otuk – Cursed human. Innkeeper at the EXCELSIOR. Claw Island, Caeruleum sector of Farrago
  • Puddle – Goblin cannoneer who lives on the beaches near SMUGGLER SPEAK. Keeps bushwackys as pets. A member of Hero Inc. Helps pilot and maintain the Luckless.
  • Quelynn Rinn – A Tidal Elf Priestess of Wanjo obsessed with the Prophecy of the Starkiller.
  • Reuben – Florin’s dwarf friend. Both frequent an unnamed gambling den in Saint Albans, Caeruleum sector of Farrago.
  • River Hopfoot – A War’tode thief. Member of Hero Inc.
  • Shady Sam – Sells good luck charms that actually mark someone ‘s location so his thieves guild can rob them later.
  • Snizzle – A War’tode cleric of Kroakatoa,  the volcano god of the War’todes who was worshipped before War’ t. He lives on a ledge above the PIT OF THE DYING. He also takes care of a fr’ogre he calls the Avatar of Kroakatoa.
  • Sophia Pallas – Chief Priestess of Wanjo at the Temple in Farrago. Caeruleum sector. The clerics of Wanjo in Caeruleum are offering a reward for anyone who can reopen the Water Portal and get a message to Pallas in Farrago.
  • The Thanatar Brothers – Mysterious and otherwise identical siblings who appear in different places. Some think they’re former avatars of Shettebrek who are doing good deeds to pay for their past sins.
    • Balin Thanatar – Sells healing potions in the ROOM OF EIGHT in the TEMPLE OF WANJO. The items he receives for trade are telephoned to the REALM OF B.O.B. when tucked into his cape.
    • Castor Thanatar – A house mimic in the ELDERWYLD identified himself as Castor Thanatar.
    • Killian Thanatar – Acts as the Ferryman through the CATACOMBS beneath the Middleborough, Caeruleum sector of Farrago
  • Trouble on a Friday Night – A quartet of orcs who act as the house band for HOGFEATHERS.
  • Xodak – A halfling cleric. Member of Hero Inc.
  • Zaptongue Half-dragon  – A half-draconic War’tode who serves as one of Big Big Boss Gilderwart’s de facto captains.

Organizations and Movements

  • Adventure Inc – Hero’s questing guild. Originally called Hero Inc until Baldnoggin staged a coup and took control of the original organization.
  • Cult of Fizzle – Followers of the Fizzle Prime, who rename themselves as ordinal Fizzles in honor of the first one. Located in the Caeruleum sector of Farrago. Cult of Fools – New religion growing in Farrago around Agon, the new god of fools. The like to challenge people to silly games and contests because all they live for is sport and games. Beware if you see a fork in the road!
  • Cult of Nobody – A group of Cuervos who renounce their own names in the service of B.O.B. Their current leader in Caeruleum is Magda Tod. Their prime leader is Aristophanes “Aris” Majeur, also known as Tall Man.
  • The Dragonfire Five – Five elves who opposed Moriarty and paid for it with their lives.
  • Hero Inc – Adventure Inc’s chief rival guild. Led by Baldnoggin as Geralt Goldenblade.
  • The Infected – Those unlucky souls who’ve contracted the magical plague that gives them more spell power each day but quickly kills them. The Infected’s eyes glow.
  • Red Circle – A guild of assassins who utilize a magical assassin’s mark to locate their targets.
  • Redforges – A political movement amongst the dwarves of Farrago to rid the world of magic and its practitioners. They believe there was originally no magic in the world and they want to see things changed back to that way, hence their motto, “The glory restored!” They utilize a Dwarven bindrune combining the letters G and R. Started by Tinker Redforge.

Divine Entanglements

  • The Aeon – Fil is a cleric of Zephyr, the missing member of the Aeon. Zephyr has broken his long silence to ask Fil for aid. Oberyx is a warlock oathbound to Fulgar, who has been implicated in Zephyr’s disappearance.
  • Baldnoggin – Weddumlir is Baldnoggin’s paragon and Gotternacht champion. He is not altogether pleased with his champion and has placed a geas on him to be the first into the fray. Wedd is also considered a member of Hero Inc, making him a rival of Hero’s guild. Baldnoggin is out to show up Adventure Inc to make sport of outsider gods. Baldnoggin holds no respect for any outsider gods. Baldnoggin is also served by the Half-Orc Kudac, a Cleric rejected by his church but not his god.
  • B.O.B. – Acindor owes the outsider god of death a star sapphire for the husk he was reanimated In after his death as Bofril Greybender. The Veterans are all on B.O.B.’s hit list for their part in bringing down the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION, but Acindor has his special ire for his active betrayal. The Cult of Nobody are his Corrupters and have developed a special hatred for Nathan Garney for tricking Magda Tod (now the leader of the Cult on Caeruleum).
  • Everly – Nathan Garney is a cleric of Everly. He has saved an avatar of Ripley and been allowed to weild a holy relic, a pitcher known as the Rain of Ridley.
  • Gilgamesh – The Veterans and Gnome Shanarock have met Gilgamesh. Wedd, Thril and Shanarock have tested their mettle against him, earning his conditional respect.
  • Hrafnagud – The Veterans encountered a band of Cuervos in the TEMPLE MINES who serve the Trickster god. They were investigating the rogue Cult of Nobody’s involvement in TYRAN FIRION. Despite helping them find the exit from ghoil-infested MINES, they made it clear to Davroar that once they met outside the MINES, the servants of Hrafnagud are honorbound to kill those who serve outsider gods.
  • Hero – The Veterans all began as volunteered members of Adventure Inc and have used Hero points that put them in Hero’s debt. Weddumlir has greatly annoyed Hero by welcoming on his promise to be Hero’s Gotternacht champion. Acindor is currently Hero’s Gotternacht champion. Davroar serves Moriarty and Hero is aware that Moriarty is now working against him.
  • Moriarty – Davroar is Moriarty’s top cleric. He has been instructed to fetch a star sapphire and open the Water Portal as his primary quest. Despite Hero’s misgivings, Davroar has the impression that Moriarty and Hero are both still working toward the same goals even if they have very different methods.
  • The Nylbolgia – Gnome Shanarock is the chosen Gotternacht champion for the Nylbolgia
  • Oxenbane – Oxenbane owes the Veterans a boon for destroying the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION. Thril Wolfsbane was chosen as her Gotternacht champion. She dies not like Moriarty or Davroar but consumers B.O.B. an abomination.
  • Shettebrek – The Veterans have found favor with Shettebrek for defeating the Fearless and restoring his operations on PEACOCK ISLAND, particularly Davroar and Meldor.
  • Thanatar – The CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION was a joint effort by B.O.B. and Thanatar. Braucia Graeme, the Left Hand of Thanatar, immediately hired the Red Circle to assassinate them, particularly Nathan Garney.
  • Wanjo – Weddumlir began his adventures as the husk Dishrag, who was an Elf Cleric of Wanjo.