Long Story Short – A 37 Session Summary

For those of you just tuning into the strange trials of Adventure Inc., this brief(ish) summary should get you all caught up on the most important things that have happened so far.

The Bad, Bad Beginning

Fifteen adventurers woke up in one of three different places in or near the TEMPLE OF WANJO. They had no memory of how they’d got there or anything regarding their past lives. They only knew they were in the wrong bodies!

Team 1 – Awoke on stone slabs in the EXAMINATION ROOM

  • Hogwash – elf bard
  • Pigsnout – elf fighter
  • Meldor Ironforge – dwarf wizard
  • Lightfingers – elf rogue
  • Rosmita Stout – halfling bard

Team 2 – Awoke in PRISON CELLS

  • Fenris Fairweather – human rogue
  • Cullos Crowbane – human wizard
  • Fizzle – elf wizard
  • Kerla Chog – human fighter
  • Jotun Yggdrasil- dwarf cleric

Team 3 – Awoke in the PIT OF THE DYING (a charnel pit where Snizzle, the drunken War’tode cleric of Kroakatoa accepted “tributes”)

  • Bhardor Silvertongue- dwarf bard
  • Dishrag – elf fighter
  • Katnip Everdeen – dwarf rogue
  • Belwyn Darkhand – halfling fighter
  • Eondul – human wizard

The TEMPLE was a perilous place to be lost. They lost five of their members (Jotun, Belwyn, Eondul, Rosmita and Lightfingers) almost immediately. With the exception of Jotun, their fates were never determined. The first confirmed death was Fenris Fairweather, who fell into a pit trap.

It was then that the adventurers were summoned before the outsider god Hero (bard god of heroes and storytellers) who informed them they’d been “volunteered” for a mission to reopen the Water Portal on Caeruleum, closed during a recent cataclysm. Hero was joined by the Mad God Moriarty (outsider hod of chaos) in this quest. The adventurers were inhabiting “husks” still tethered to their original bodies. Hero made them provisional members of Adventure Inc and returned them to the TEMPLE. They were instructed to find a star sapphire in order to open the portal.

Things did not go as planned.

At all.

Escaping the Temple of Wanjo

Several of the adventurers died but were then resurrected into their original bodies by the gods so that they could continue their quest.

  • Davroar Hollysword was returned to his body by the Mad God Moriarty (after the husk of Fenris Fairweather the luckless thief perished in the aforementioned pit trap.) He became the very first cleric of Moriarty.
  • After the husk of Hogwash the elf bard died in a fight with Snizzle the Cleric of Kroakatoa, Hero returned him to the body of Zayn Carthin, who accepted Hero’s call to be his Arbiter (Rogue-Paladin).
  • The husks of Bhardor Silvertongue the dwarf bard and Dishrag the elf fighter were slain by an injured baby dragon. A baby dragon. The incident was immortalized in the song, The Vengeance of Bhardos. They were returned to the bodies of dwarf fighters Bofril Greybender and Weddumlir Aleshield, respectively.
  • Later, Bofril Greybender and Katnip Everdeen the dwarf rogue were killed by an Ipsimus. They were resurrected and given new husks to inhabit by the outsider god B.O.B. (god of death and lost items.) Bofril became Acindor the human fighter, while Katnip became Thril Wolfsbane the elf fighter.

Those who returned to retained their memories from the moment they awoke in the TEMPLE OF WANJO.

The adventurers managed to find a star sapphire and even located the portal they needed to open… (Yay!)

…however, they were captured by War’todes (Boo!). 

In the War’tode CAGES, Meldor met Odin Thunderhammer the dwarf fighter. Shortly afterward, Cullos Crowbane the human wizard was killed by War’tode called Zaptongue Half-dragon, a death that was pretty much collateral damage from Davroar’s Janusian Blessing. Cullos was returned to his original body of Nathan Garney the human cleric of Everly by the twin gods Everly (lords of the world of Viridi). Kerla Chog was buried in the rubble that resulted but unburied herself and  rejoined the adventurers shortly before they escaped into the Tidelands.

They escaped their War’tode captors, but lost Odin and Fizzle in the TEMPLE PRISONS. They would later find that Fizzle has survived and inspired a cult following of wizards who rename themselves Fizzle in his honor.

Smuggler Speak

By fate, they stumbled upon SMUGGLER SPEAK. There Jotun Yggdrasil and Kerla Chog wandered off and it is feared they perished by the plague of Corruption that infected the stronghold. (It’s also possible that Jotun had already met his fate and that Kerla was led to her fate by a Cuervos impersonating him.) Both Zayn Carthin and Thril Wolfsbane were Corrupted and perished; however, the goddess Oxenbane (lord of the world of Umbra) returned Thril as a ghost. They discovered that the Cuervos Cult of Nobody and B.O.B. were responsible for the plague of Corruption. She set them on a quest to aid Everly by ridding SMUGGLER SPEAK of the Corruption.

They defeated the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION with the aid of the dwarf god Baldnoggin (ord of the world of Adelsten). During the fight, both Acindor and Weddumlir were slain, but Wedd was returned to life by Baldnoggin while Acindor found a way to possess his own husk when it formed postmortem in the CHAMBER. Thril also possessed his own husk there.

While celebrated as heroes, they had made they made powerful enemies in the form of the Cult of Nobody and B.O.B. Wedd received more credit than he deserved as the ballad Send in the Wedd, commissioned by Baldnoggin himself,  began to gain popularity.

By now, the party had been reduced to Acindor, Weddumlir,  Thril, Davroar, Nathan and Meldor (the only original member to remain in their husk).

Accepting a quest to fetch materials from the TEMPLE MINES, the party stumbled into a fairy ring and ended up in the Elderwyld. There, they barely escaped a house mimic.


A portal took them to a section of Farrago that was under quarantine.

They escaped through the sewers, but not before Wedd agreed to become Hero’s champion and Thril was selected by Oxenbane to be her champion in the forthcoming Gotternacht Games, a contest of the gods. Each year,, one of the gods was appointed to enter the Black Tower at the center if Farrago. They learned that it was supposed to be the year of Wanjo the Wise (lord of the world of Caeruleum), but he’d gone missing. The Gotternacht Games were meant to choose his replacement if he did not show up at the appointed hour.

The sewers led to the CATACOMBS,  where Nathan was kidnapped and forced along with Odin Thunderhammer to take up a quest for Joe Stufts the Necromancer Taxidermist. Nathan learned that Joe Stufts boss,  Braucia Graeme (a more powerful necromancer known as the Kiss of Death) had hired the Red Circle to assassinate Natgan and every other member of their party for destroying the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION,  which was a joint experiment by B.O.B. and Thanatar (god of undeath).

The adventurers were reunited and chased off by an angry mob of Redforges. They ended up on CLAW ISLAND. When Baldnoggin claimed Wedd as his Gotternacht champion, Acindor agreed to be Hero’s champion to keep the Hero from killing Wedd for going back on his previous promise to be Hero’s champion.

They were joined by Gnome Shanarock (the dwarf rogue chosen to be the Nylbolgia’s champion) at the ROSE COLISEUM and then sailed to PEACOCK ISLAND to fulfill Joe Stufts’ quest. There they discovered a mutagenic substance while trying to restore the power to the DOCKS. They also found that the Island was Shettebrek (god of fear)’s base of operations for distributing cursed Sweetdream Sally dolls and, in restoring the power and defeating a band of orcs called the Fearless, they had aided the god of fear. Thril Wolfsbane was killed in the fight.

Meanwhile, a new band of adventurers arrived on the Island.  Their names were:

  • David – Half-elf wizard
  • Del Erenaeth – elf monk
  • Fil – Half-elf cleric of Zephyr
  • Kaid – Goliath barbarian
  • Kudac – Half-orc cleric of Baldnoggin
  • Oberyx – Half-elf warlock oathbound to Fulgar
  • Sionna – Simic Hybrid Bard
  • Zook Bafflestone – Gnome artificer

Obscurus’ MANSION

Arriving at Obscurus’ MANSION, they lost several of the new party members. Shortly afterwards, they were greeted by kobolds who hailed them as the heroes of Shettebrek, particularly Davroar. Moving on, they continued to explore the MANSION.

They were joined by I-am-not the 500-year-old kobold after the other kobolds betrayed them and herded them into a large tent on the MANSION grounds. Inside the tent, they found an imprisoned red dragon, Pyrrha Imperius. After helping her and her wyrmlings escape, they portal-hopped to the MANSION’s RELIQUARY, where Meldor discovered one of the Plates of Farcevolt, a key to averting the cataclysm promised in the Prophecy of the Starkiller. The party split up and was attacked separately by an aberrant ratipede created by the mutagenic substance. They didn’t immediately notice that Davroar had gone missing. Odin Thunderhammer returned, whereupon they also learned that the Red Circle had arrived on the Island and was actively pursuing their dwarven ally.

In the LIBRARY, they met Obscurus who gave Meldor a magical chest to collect the remaining Plates of Farcevolt in. They had lost all of the shipwrecked adventurers by this point; however, they had also been joined by a halfling barbarian named Dumplin Ages.  Shortly afterward, both the ratipede and the Red Circle attacked. During the battle, I-am-not was revealed to be a 500 pound rakshasa sorcerer named Shelby. They ultimately defeated the Red Circle but not before a wizard’s suicide curse killed both Odin and Weddumlir. The blast also created a wyldstorm portal that ejected several new faces:

  • Eondul – Human Wizard
  • Lightfingers – Elf Rogue
  • Nellson Williams – red Tiefling Artificer with a robotic left arm and his steel defender gorilla, Cupcake
  • Nikolas – brass Dragonborn Fighter
  • Pigsnot – Elf Fighter 

Like the original adventurers, they had no memory of their previous experience; they only knew they were in the wrong bodies!

Canon, goddess of libraries, appeared after the partial destruction of the magical LIBRARY and sent them to the TEMPLE OF WANJO, charging them with opening the Water Portal.

Things had come full circle.


In the EXAMINATION ROOM, they found Davroar Hollysword who’d only just appeared after a 13-year quest to defeat Isfet, avatar of Master Chaos, rival chaos god to Moriarty. Mistrust between Shelby and Davroar led to a confrontation between them. Meanwhile, Lightfingers opened an accursed book that sounded a bell to toll the undead, further complicating their quest.

*Their DM has approved this summary of the dumpster fire of a campaign he supervises, though not necessarily all of choices that led us here. ;]