Caeruleum, the Blue World js ruled by Wanjo the Wise, represented by the Water symbol.

Our adventure begins in Caeruleum, shortly after the Upheavel that resulted when the first star fell in conjunction with the Prophecy of the Starkiller. Players awake in the subterranean Temple of Wanjo, where War’todes have taken over and are rounding up captives to sacrifice to their God, War’t.

Other areas of interest include the Temple Prison, Temple Mines, War’tode Tunnels, Hermit’s Maze and the Tidelands, specifically the area known as the Sea Giant’s Footprint.

Caeruleum is in turmoil since the Upheavel brought earthquakes and tsunamis throughout the region. The events have shaken their faith in the gods and opened the door for belief in new ones. Power struggles complicate the picture. The War’todes in particular experienced a brief Civil War after it was discovered that their fabled Staff of Summoming was lost during the Upheavel. The old god Kroakatoa is rumbling, ready to rain fire and lava upon the world that has rejected him.

Adventure, Inc. has been commissioned with opening the Water Portal so that aid might be sent to the tidal peoples of Caeruleum and so that they might thwart the Prophecy of the Starkiller.

Meanwhile the gods are recruiting champions and pitting them against one another to further their own agendas.