Nubis is tended to by the Aeon, currently a trinity of winged elven deities who are the personification of Charisma. Helios, sun goddess of questing and war, possessor of the Evermap; Aethereus, god of the heavens, wind and song, possessor of Warsinger the harp; and Fulgar, goddess of passion and impulse, possessor of the lightning-shaped Heartwyrm, a scepter with the ability to influence emotions.

Helios, Aethereus, Fulgar and Zephyr

Aeon rules the Cloud World’s unique environment of sky islands. The siblings are often at odds with one another yet also complement each other’s focii.

War has broken out on the world of Nubis since the first star fell according to the Starkiller Prophecy. The Aeon is divided. Aethereus is lost in sorrow over the loss of the missing fourth member of Aeon, Zephyr, god of the night sky and portents and possessor of the Sands of Night, a bag of dream dust that has the power to put people to sleep and capture them in the Dream. Infamously, Valiant Thor borrowed some of that dream dust to depose Gilgamesh as the Lord of Erythaean. No one supposes that the fact that the god of the starry night went missing when the first star fell is a coincidence. Helios blames the occasionally treacherous Fulgar, and her sudden rage at the very mention of Zephyr’s name does not make her appear completely innocent. For some, the very fact that Zephyr is lost implies the involvement of B.O.B. Only one god has ever escaped the Realm of Lost Things but who else but Noah could ever convince the god of Death and lost things that they can provide B.O.B.something he lacks?

Recently, Zephyr has been returned to Nubis through the efforts of Davroar Hollysword. It has been revealed that Isfet, the avatar of Apophis, had imprisoned Zephyr in a dreamscape. It was also revealed that his captor let slip that Wanjo the Wise was similarly imprisoned elsewhere.

Followers of Aeon

The sibling pantheon of Aeon attracts a fair number of members of every species and class.

Aeon’s symbol is four interlocking circles set in a square so that a star forms at the center. Helios is represented by the symbol of the rising sun. Aetherius’ symbol is a harp. Fulgar is represented by a heart. Zephyr is represented by a crescent moon on its side.