Agon the god of fools and contests is a new deity in the Seven Worlds, but he claims not to be an outsider god. His sudden appearance in conjunction with the falling of the first star according to the Starkiller Prophecy have left many wondering if he is the Starkiller, the one destined to kill the gods. Others think he’s involved with the prophecy, but not as the Starkiller.

Agon’s purpose seems to be spreading confusion and folly. He’s a larger than life court jester using his powers for his own amusements, which do bend from merely mischievous to malevolent.

Followers of Agon

The followers of Agon carry forks with them. They occasionally toss them into the road and when an unwary person picks it up, they challenge them to a contest. They will not take no for an answer. Those who refuse the contest are hunted down and killed. Those who fail the contests also suffer some grim fate. They consider this a public service, ridding the world of lovers and cowards. They are quite insane.

Agon’s symbol is a fork which looks a bit like a jesters hat.

Agon’s chosen Champion in the Gotternacht Games is Anvindr Drakeel the Air Genasi Sorcerer.