Apophis, better known as Master Chaos or simply Chaos, claims to be one of the Lords of the *Eight* Worlds. Apophis claims to rule Clypeus, the world from which Farrago was formed. By extension, Farrago belongs to Chaos, at least in the fractured minds of this particular deity.

Apophis was imprisoned by the other gods. To be fair, most of the heavy lifting was done by Gilgamesh before his own eventual imprisonment. Only Gilgamesh could adapt his combat styles quickly enough to account for Chaos’ everchanging form.

Now trapped in the Seal of Chaos, Apophis can only be released by pouring the Heart Blood of Obsidius on the Seal. To do so would require someone to secure the Heart Blood from each of the Eight Worlds that Obsidius, the World-That-Was, was fractured into. It is speculated that the Heart of Clypeus resides in the Black Tower which stands at the center of Farrago. A revival amongst the Children of Chaos, coupled with the appearance of a new mutagenic potion and a magical plague in Farrago, is seen as evidence that Chaos is on the move, perhaps even making a bid at freedom. For many,, the timing of this revival points to Chaos’ involvement in the Starkiller Prophecy, which mentions a Seal in its final stanza.

The Children of Chaos have no respect for Moriarty, the outsider god of chaos, whom they consider a pale imitation of their imprisoned Master.

One of Master Chaos’ chief avatars is Isfet, a monstrous four-armed were-cobra with a scorpion sting at the end of its tail. Isfet was charged with keeping Zephyr prisoner after the first star fell in accordance with the Prophecy of the Starkiller. Davroar Hollysword defeated Isfet in the dream prison in which Zephyr was imprisoned, but only after a 13 year adventure. Davroar freed Zephyr and returned with the Hand of Isfet as a trophy. He also learned Master Chaos’ biggest weakness but forgot this secret as soon as he left the dream.

Followers of Apophis

Apophis was the master of transformation magic. The Children of Chaos, as followers of Master Chaos call themselves, tend to magically mutate themselves and others into hybrid creatures to show their reverence for Chaos’ ever-changing form. The also dedicate themselves to a life of spreading chaos and locating the Seal so they can free their dread Master.

Apophis’ symbol is a whorl. The chimera is considered to be the sacred beast of Chaos, but, right or wrong, they cinsider all hybrid creatures to be Apophis’ creations.