The fearsome god known as B.O.B is the god of death and lost things. He makes no apprehension about the fact that he is Death itself.

B.O.B. most commonly appears as an eye wreathed in a triangle of flame or tinged about with swords. His initials are said to stand for Big Ol’ Baddie (nobody likes Death), Big Ol’ Beyonder (because his realm technically resides alongside but distinctly apart from the Seven Worlds, or Baron Osiris Barystyr (ask the Corrupters about that moniker) and various other appellations which amount to guesses at the acronym’s’ true meaning. Wanjo the Wise opines that it’s really just the initials of his truename which he will tell no one, lest they have power over Death itself.

B.O.B. rules over the Realm of Lost Things, which is more commonly named the Realm of B.O.B. Both he and his eponymous Realm are new additions to the Seven Worlds. When like Hero and Moriarty, B.O.B. arrived from the Otherverse, he began siphoning souls intended for Umbra, earning him the giant goddess Oxenbane for an enemy. It should be noted that B.O.B. siphons souls to his Realm as an act akin to gravity. Being Death itself, he couldn’t help it if he wanted to. And he doesn’t want to stop. Oxenbane also finds his process of stripping the spirits of the dead from their resurrected bodies, which he calls “husks,” to be sacrilegious.    

Moriarty brokered a deal with Everly and B.O.B. to supply husks and transfer souls into them to be used by Hero in his quest to thwart the Starkiller Prophecy. Though he never goes back on a deal, B.O.B. has become suspicious of Moriarty’s intentions and begun undermining their efforts to reopen the Portals.

Prior to his involvement with Hero and Moriarty, it is known that he allowed the gnome who became the god Noah in return for creating B.O.B.’s Bestiary of the Seven Worlds, which records the existence of all living and undead things.

B.O.B.’s avatars are known as Finders. In their most common form, they resemble winged shields with an eyeball in the center. While they ask odd, curt questions like, “What is your function?”, it has been determined that their chief purpose is to find things that are lost, particularly people and powerful artifacts. Their tendency to hang around established portals has been noted.

Followers of B.O.B.

B.O.B’s chief servants are known as Corrupters.

B.O.B.’s symbol is a triangle.