Adelsten is tend to by the dwarf god Baldnoggin, the embodiment of Constitution. He is the god of the harvest, strength and stone. Baldnoggin is the possessor of the Sureshield, a magical shield that generates a forcefield.

Baldnoggin always takes the form of a dwarf but he is known to take on more than one face, name and persona, appearing as a simple barkeep, a swashbuckling swordsman, a mohawked hammer fighter, a bagpiping bard, etc. Every dwarf feels connected to him because there is a story for all of them where he has been the sort of dwarf they happen to be. Many of those stories, of course, were made up in traditional dwarven liar’s contests, but it has been suggested by Wanjo the Wise that it was Baldnoggin himself who started that rowdy fireside storytelling tradition.

Baldnoggin humbly but shrewdly and ably rules the Stone World, which is revered by the dwarves as the Dwarfhome. In general, Baldnoggin keeps to his own affairs and lets the other gods duke it out, but after Noah replaced Valiant Thor as the god of Erythaean and B.O.B. began siphoning souls intended for Oxenbane’s realm on Umbra, he became concerned that the new gods from the Otherverse would further usurp the established pantheon.

Accordingly, he infiltrated the newly-formed Hero Inc. in disguise as a typical dwarf, along with a few trusted allies. He discovered that Hero intended to thwart the Prophecy of the Starkiller by re-opening the Portals to the Seven Worlds. While Baldnoggin found this effort commendable, he played along when Moriarty asked him to betray Hero from within. Truth be told, he found the mission vital but neither trusted Hero’s leadership while he was yet in league to Moriarty nor cared to leave such an important task to “untried gods.” This forced Hero to form Adventure Inc. to replace his previous venture, as Hero, Inc. continued to recruit adventurers for its own efforts.

Followers of Baldnoggin

The roster of Hero Inc. aside, Baldnoggin tends to attract a good number of dwarves under his banner, but he welcomes anyone who will honestly serve him. .

Baldnoggin’s symbol is a simple square, a reference to the shape of the Sureshield or a cut stone block.