Halfling Fighter

Belwyn is a husk who began his adventures in the TEMPLE OF WANJO in the PIT OF THE DYING.

Status: Unknown [Presumed Dead]


Belwyn Darkhand [Session #1]

Belwyn awoke with Bhardor Silvertongue the Dwarf Bard, Dishrag the Elf Cleric of WanjoEondul the Human Wizard and Katnip Everdeen the Rogue in the PIT OF THE DYING. They acquired a Star Sapphire in return for agreeing to slay a dragon for Snizzle, Cleric of Kroakatoa; however, Snizzle shut the portcullis before she and Eondul could leave.

At present, his fate is unknown but it is feared he was fed to the froghemoth Snizzle believes to be the Avatar of Kroakatoa.