Canon, better known as the Great Bookwyrm, is the goddess of history and mysteries, of libraries and prophecies.

Canon quite often refers to herself as something more than a god, at least in the sense that the Free Peoples think of deity. She knows the entire flow of history of the Seven Worlds, including every person who ever existed within it. She knows their variant histories as well. Her only concern is the flow of history against the threat of Shadofar. She doesn’t care how history unfolds so long as Shadofar does not win, for if he wins the Seven Worlds cease to exist and all memory of its history and peoples along with it. Perversely, she had the ability to edit people from the flow of history and even memory by swallowing them.

Her chief avatar is Kronos Pantoptes the Chronicler, whose near infinitely mirrored forms continually record the variant histories of the Seven Worlds.

Followers of Apophis

Followers of Canon are dedicated patrons of libraries, museums, reliquaries and knowledge in general. Preservation of knowledge is their chief focus, which is why the Cuervos revere Canon. They also dedicate themselves to preventing Shadofar from erasing the Seven Worlds. Many of their members are experts in the area of riddles, prophecies and lost memory.

Apophis’ symbol is a quill.