Wart’ode (Glug)

Captain Gurglepuss is Gilderwart‘s right hand man, but he finds himself increasingly trying to save the Big Big Boss from himself.

[Sessions #7-8]

While Gurglepuss is loyal to the Big Big Boss, he is dubious over Gilderwart’s master plan. Gilderwart believes that with enough tributes, he can earn the favor of an appearance of the frog god War’t without the Staff of Summoning. He has been stalling in the hopes he can convince Gilderwart to launch a party of “expendables” to help him retrieve the Staff of Summoning to make their bid for the throne of GIGHOLE KEEP sure. The larger tents in the WAR’TODE ENCAMPMENT in the WART’ODE TUNNELS outside the TEMPLE OF WANJO belong to Zaptongue Half-dragon, Captain Gurglepuss and two giant frogs.

His opportunity comes when Odin Thunderhammer the Dwarf Fighter rats out Cuisses de Grenouille, better known to the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT as Froglegs, when the tidal elf attempts to break Odin and Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard out of the CAGES. He convinces Odin and Meldor to make a deal with Gilderwart under the guise that they can fetch the Staff of Summoning for him. When Gurglepuss steps forward to lead the volunteer expendables, Gilderwart agrees but sends Zaptongue and 13 Wart’ode warriors along as well.

Gurglepuss and Zaptongue end up killing or capturing the nearly all of the remaining heroes in the TEMPLE OF WANJO enroute to the TIDELANDS. The number of prisoners causes him to decide to put thrall collars on them which prevent them from harming Wart’odes. During a vision from the gods in the TEMPLE PRISON, Gurglepuss and his Wart’odes vanish.

We doubt we’ve heard the last of him.