The Corrupted are constructs of B.O.B. They appear as completely gray versions of common creatures like dwarves, halflings, humans, etc. This colorless aspect of the Corrupted extends even to their clothing or weapons. At first, they are usually mistaken for statues or stone for they do not move unless prey catches their eyes. Their eyes burn with a determined madness. Once they spot a living being, they slowly track and corner it, working as one. Each sees what the others see. They are slow and cannot climb, leap, crawl or perform more complicated movements than walking up and down stairs.

Corrupted are difficult to attack with conventional martial weapons. Often attackers find that they have almost a jelly-like consistency and that their weapons leave no lasting results. The Corrupted simply reform back into their previous shape in a matter of seconds. Worse, they use the opportunity to grapple their prey, trappingtheir weapon arm inside them so that they can begin the process of corrupting their victims. If their prey don’t successfully break free, they become progressively transformed into another Corrupted. Fortunately, sustained contact is required to complete the process of corruption and the creatures must start all over again if their victim breaks free first even a second.

The Corrupted are extremely susceptible to fire damage. They become engulfed on flame as if they were soaked in kerosene and burn themselves out quickly. A dying Corrupted expired with a shrill scream into a gas. Before it leaves a small pool of slimy residue behind, one sees an image of B.O.B.

Oxenbane believes they are a perversion of another process the God of Death and Lost Things regularly utilizes in which he separates the resurrected bodies (which he calls husks) from the spirits of the dead. If so, there may be hope of resurrection for the spirits of those who fall victim to the Corrupted.