Cthulhu is a minor god or god-like creature worshipped primarily by the species of Caeruleum and Erythaean. He is also known as the Deep Lord, the Traveler and the Great Old One, and is believed to have been the first god to travel from the Otherverse to the Seven Worlds. Cthulhu’s thoughts and designs are as inscrutably other as he is. Perversely, he exists in all Seven Worlds simultaneously just as the star constellations do.

Wanjo the Wise’s designs have kept him carefully imprisoned in a state of magical sleep from which he has only awakened twice, with disastrous consequences each time.

Followers of Cthulhu

Some tidal species serve Cthulhu who frankly does not care whether they do so or not. He certainly doesn’t seem to care for whatever plans they set in motion in his name. They hail him as the supreme power of the deep and the true lord of the seas. The Ipsimus Queen Sekhmet is also known as the Consort of Cthulhu. 

Cthulhu’s followers are prone to madness, having touched an otherness their minds cannot comprehend nor oftimes even recall.

Cthulhu has no official symbol of note. If it exists, it is sure to send the one who discovers it headlong into madness.