The Cuervos are medium humanoids who resemble anthropomorphic ravens. They have flightless wings that are only useful for gliding. They have raven heads and their arms and legs resemble bird talons. In its natural form, Cuervos tend to hide under cloaks and robes when amongst other species, partly because people associate their animal counterparts, such as crows and rooks, with death and scavenging.

To the contrary, many of the Cuervos are peaceful if mischievous. They have been much maligned and persecuted as a species, which partly accounts for why some choose to become Nobodies in the service of the Cult of Nemo and why as a species they tend to employ shapeshifting and illusion. Cuervos are also masters at uncovering secrets, a party trick that doesn’t necessarily always gain them friends. Members of the Cult of Nemo are an obvious exception.

Cult of Nemo

Aristophanes “Aris” Majeur, also known as Middle Finger, commands the Cult of Nemo where every Cuervo but himself refers to themselves as Nobody.

The Cult of Nemo serves B.O.B., at least currently. B.O.B. has arranged for them to start actively harvesting husks for ten percent of the take. The Cult of Nemo use the husks to spy, steal and infiltrate society for the day of reckoning they call the Harvest. They serve the Harvest Lord who wages war on the Green World of Viridi tended by Everly. They use Soul Threshers and Corrupters to harvest the husks, stripping the spirits away from their resurrected bodies as they are corrupted. The spirits, attuned to B.O.B.’s divine gravity during the process, fly to his Realm of Lost Things. The husks are taken from the Thresher and placed in a suspension pod until B.O.B. or the Cult of Nemo have need of them.

Spirits can be reunited with their husks but they only have 24 hours to do so or the spirit becomes too weak to act on its own and must possess another body. Failure to do so… coincides with the will of Shadofar. Which is to say the soul obliviates.

Cuervos Gods

Most Cuervos do not serve the Harvest Lord. Rather they serve Hrafnagud the Trickster, a mischievous deity who values change and transformation. In Common, he is simply called Raven or Lord Raven. His clerics are masters of shapeshifting, illusion and mind manipulation. As a consequence of their worship, Cuervos are the only species of the Seven Worlds known to train Mimic Familiars which they covet for their shapeshifting abilities and basically treat like favored pets.

Two of Hrafanud’s avatars, Huginn the White and Muninn the Grey, represent thought and memory respectively. His clerics specialize also in omens, the keeping and uncovering of secrets and in long-distance healing. Bringing such healing is said to be bringing healing on Hrafnagud’s wings. Consequently, both Xorphax and Wanjo are revered among the Cuervos.

The memories of elderly Cuervos are preserved magically in reliquaries in their village Eidos, a small temple containing many such and tended by a priest (called a muninn after the name of Raven’s grey avatar) who acts as librarian of sorts.