The Dum Dum Bird is an awkward looking creature speaks its own language and understands Common. They are flightless birds standing 2 to 3 meters tall with webbed feet and eyes that are described as large and shield-sized by Medium sized creatures. When a pair of them get together and mate they tend to lay one to two eggs in the nest and mate for life. A wild Dum Dum Bird will tend to flee if attacked or if it spots a known predator; however, the male will always attempt to distract attackers and fight while the female tries to protect the young and flee.

Dum Dum birds are indigenous to Caeruleum, where they often serve pulling the round boats of tidal goblins.

They come in two varieties, Golden and Ring-necked, but the differences in plumage are cosmetic. In fact, their only real effect has been to make the Golden Dum Dum bird rare for being hunted for its golden plumage.