Halfling Barbarian

Dumplin Ages the Halfling Barbarian is a cheerful warrior who is the proud owner of a pack of two-headed death dogs. Thus far, we’vebeen introduced to Nugget and Dogzilla, and Bolder and Scourge. Each head is separately named.

She is magically tethered to a dimensional tavern called Ages, which also kennels her death dog pack.

Status: Alive



  • First joined the party on PEACOCK ISLAND in the LIBRARY of Obscurus’ MANSION. The revolving bookcase she entered by actually separated Sionna the Simic Hybrid Bard from the party.
  • She was almost immediately forced to survive an encounter with a ratipede.
  • Faced the Red Circle
  • Possesses a Star Sapphire
  • Charged by Canon to open the Water Portal on CAERULEUM
  • Tricked into a contract with Shelby and the outsider Pazuzu as part of the adventurers’ efforts to open the Water Portal.
  • Opened the Water Portal to Farrago.

(Session #34-43)

Dumplin and her death dogs arrived through a revolving bookcase in the LIBRARY of Obscurus’ MANSION. She ended up joining Weddumlir Aleshield the Dwarf Fighter, Acindor the Human Fighter, Odin Thunderhammer the Dwarf Fighter, and a 500-year old kobold wizard who called himself I-am-not.

She managed to bloody the ratipede when the monster ambushed the party and aided the party greatly when they faced the Red Circle. She also stumbled upon a Star Sapphire. During the encounter, they lost Weddumlir and Odin.

Afterward she and her fellow adventurers were joined by Lightfingers the Elf Rogue, Nellson Williams the red Tiefling Artificer with a robotic left arm and his steel defender gorilla CupcakeNikolas the brass Dragonborn Fighter, Pigsnot the Elf Fighter, and Eondul the Human Wizard. The goddess Canon then appeared and charged them with opening the Water Portal on CAERULEUM and transported them to the TEMPLE OF WANJO.

During an altercation between Shelby and Davroar Hollyshield the Cleric of Moriarty, Lightfingers opened an accursed book resulting in an ominous-sounding gong. Dumplin promptly retreated to AGES.

When she returned, the other adventurers were fighting a running battle against the undead in the LIBRARY. Escaping the undead, they scouted out the WAR’TODE ENCAMPMANT which guarded CAERULEUM’s WATER PORTAL to FARRAGO. As part of a bold plan to reach the and activate the Portal, Dumplin and several others made an agreement with Shelby, inadvertently entering a contract with the rakshasa and his outsider lord Pazuzu.

Atop the PORTAL PLATFORM, Dumplin and her comrades fought to reach the WATER PORTAL so they could open it with her Star Sapphire. After Davroar Hollysword cast the Glory of Moriarty, sending the battle into further chaos, she opened the Portal and then stepped through to safety, but her death dogs perished in the conflict.

Leaving for Ages, she returned with a new pet, a displacer kitten named Princess Dracula.