Enfys, the Multicolored World, also known as the Rainbow World, ruled by Xorphax of Nevermind, represented by the symbol for Magic.

If our adventurers manage to open the Water Portal on Caeruleum, they will learn that they have to open the Portals to the remaining Worlds. Each trip to another World requires a harrowing journey through the Elderwyld.

Once they arrive on Enfys, they will find themselves in the in either one of the Hives of Xorphax or in the everchanging Untamed Lands. Surviving the unpredictable effects of spells storms are a way of life here. In fact, it is said that only the overwhelming task of keeping perpetual chaos at bay to keep her people safe prevents the goddess Xorphax from using his massive intellect to conquer the Seven Worlds.

She rules Enfys because she knows that no one else can and because she recognizes the raw power the spell storms represent. In another deity’s hands, the Multicolored World would descend into madness and succumb to its predicted destiny of becoming the World of Chaos.

By contrast to the environs outside, the Hives are paragons of efficient order and perfection. Most of this is accomplished by magical mind control. Xorphax’ brood inhabit most of the Hives, but she also maintains several trade colonies, most notably New Liberty and Dragon’s Hope. She also maintains the Mundos Polytechnic, a massive school whose library, the Athenaeum Apex, is unparalleled in the Seven Worlds.

Travellers to her realm must also be wary of false Hives, ostensible oases that really serve as testing grounds for Xorphax’ magical experiments, traps and latest military weapons. Several thieves guilds purposely utilize known Trap Hives as initiation rites to their membership.