Erythaean, the Red World, also known as the Burning World, is ruled by the gnomish god Noah and represented by the symbol for Fire.

If our adventurers manage to open the Water Portal on Caeruleum, they will learn that they have to open the Portals to the remaining Worlds. Each trip to another World requires a harrowing journey through the Elderwyld.

The secrets of the Burning World are jealously guarded. Only those who’ve been there know its true nature and anyone who leaves is automatically placed under a geas to reveal nothing about it.

Nevertheless, a few details have gotten through.

For example, it is known that Noah is the third Lord of Erythaean, having replaced Valiant Thor the Dreamweaver in a contest designed by Wanjo to miminize mortal casualties. Noah was actually a prisoner of B.O.B. for a time but convinced the outsider god of death and lost items to let him go in return for creating an artifact that allows B.O.B. to catalogue all living and undead things. Valiant Thor himself had deposed Gilgamesh, master of all martial forms, with the help of the other Lord’s of the Seven Worlds, who feared Gilgamesh’ power and growing ambition.

It is also known that Erythaean is subject to chronomagical effects. Some refer to the Earth Gate as the Chronomancer’s Gate or Time Gate. Erythaean is also strongly associated with somniomancy, technomancy, oneiromancy and battle magic.