Viridi is tended to by the twin halfling gods Ridley and Ripley, the embodiment of Life and Chance. Ridley is male and associated with rain and luck while Ripley is associated with fate and the seed of life. Oddly, when spoken of collectively, they are referred to as Everly, which might explain why their clerics wear livery depicting both the symbol for Life and a wild boar running rampant through a meadow. It is said that Wanjo the Wise gave the pair the name Everly. They are the possessors of the Dice of Destiny

Ridley is the male half of the deity of rain and fate. He generates rain by means of his Sieve. He is honored in Viridi and Caeruleum especially as the Bringer of the Rain, often referred to as the “rain of Ridley.” He is despised in much of Umbra, where he is thought responsible for the driving rains that scour the Pandemonium. He is the more sober-minded of the pair of deities but can always be coaxed into trouble by his sister.

Ripley is the goddess of life and chance. As her brother is associated with the rain, she is associated with the seed. She is much more free-spirited and impulsive than her brother, which often gets her into trouble. While this refers to the green magic her she imbues her followers with in general, the eponymous Seed of Ripley is a pomegranate-sized seed from the Tree of Life itself, which grows on Viridi and bears only a single fruit every 1000 years. This lifeseed can revitalize an entire dead planet or moon in the space of a week.

The halfling gods of Viridi can manifest and utilize the Dice of Chance. Ridley views the dice as a matter of fate while Ripley views them as ensuring chance against fate. She tends to be the goddess of those who play games of skill and chance. The halfling gods work to balance each other out. The Seed of Ripley ensures that the Rain of Ridley does not overwhelm the world, just as Ridley withholds the Rain to prevent the Seed from overwhelming the world with increasingly more competitive and dangerous forms of life.

When the first star fell according to the Prophecy of the Starkiller, Moriarty brokered a deal with Everly and B.O.B. to supply husks and transfer souls into them as part of Adventure Inc.’s efforts to reopen the Portals and avert the prophesied doom of the Seven Worlds. Shortly afterward, the Clerics of Everly found the voice of their gods either garbled or muted. Furthermore, they started seeing the land around their hallowed shrines become dry and parched. They immediately realized something must have happened to Ridley. Without Ridley’s strength, Ripley’s powers have begun to wane.

Followers of Everly

Everly attracts a fair number of members of every species and class, necromancers being an obvious exception. Followers of Ridley tend to concentrate on water magic or the schemes of fate. Ripley’s followers are generally druids, rangers, those attuned to life magic or green plant-based magic. Followers of Everly as a pair tend to focus on fate, balance and chance. The fighting monks of Antheia are particularly known as followers of the way of the dice.

All followers of Everly carry a coin which they toss in circumstances where the outcome is uncertain and follow its rule explicitly. The Coin of Everly is seen as a token of fate and chance working together.

Everly’s symbol is a wild boar running rampant through a meadow or a stylized tree representing life. Ridley is individually represented by a set of scales or a drop of water. Ripley is individually represented by a seed or a door representing chance.