Farrago is the central hub World which ties the Seven Worlds together.


Shortly after Shadofar attacked Damocles, splitting the planet into 8 Worlds,  the newly formed world of Clypeus was partially devoured. The gods went to war against the Master Void, but most of Clypeus was gone. To protect themselves from a subsequent attack, the Lords of the remaining Seven Worlds obscured their realms within the Veil of the Elderwyld and bound them together with the bones of Clypeus.

Since the essence of Clypeus had been almost entirely drained during Shadofar’s attack, the Lords of the Seven Worlds each contributed a shard of their World’s Soulspark. The Gods renamed the remains of Clypeus, calling the new hub realm Farrago.  The seven sectors of Farrago individually transmogrified to reflect the World of that sector’s donated Soulshard. The Black Tower at the center of Farrago acted as a linchpin, anchoring the Seven Worlds together.


Each of the Seven sectors of Farrago boasts a an established Gate portal through the Elderwyld to its respective World. Legends of an 8th Gate to another surviving fragment of Clypeus abound. It is said that the gate to the Wanderer moves around and its current location is only knowable through the Elderstar Astrolabe, rumored to be located in the Black Tower.

While the geography of each sector varies wildly, the basic layout of three rings remains the same.

The inner ring of the city, or Tower Ring, is comprised of a round lake encircled by a wide walkway to accommodate Gotternacht choirs, merchants and celebrants. At the center of the lake sits the Black Tower. The Black Tower at the center of the city has no discernible entry or exit points. It was shut by the gods and only one god may enter it each year, which they do in turn on Gotternacht, the Night of the Gods.  On Gotternacht the tower turns the chosen deity’s colors but is black obsidian the rest of the year.

The middle ring of the city, or Heart Ring, runs threads through the Heart City, comprised of the inner cities of each of the Seven Sectors.

Travel between sectors is only possible through the two inner rings through portals near the Black Tower; the Soulshards repel against one another, especially further from the center, forming a magical barrier between sectors which cannot be breached anywhere else.

The outer ring is theoretical,  marking the relative edge of the city and the beginning of the area between it and its gate to the world it represents.


The Gate to Adelsten is found deep in the the Hearthfire Mountains on a plain near the base of the volcano Mount Hephaestus. Smith’s Pride, a mining community at the base of the volcano provides rail access to the several underground communities of the Adelsten sector, including Brindelbarm, Koflenstengt, Oldolfa, and Nufflimington.

The sunless railways eventually lead upward to Thanestrom, one of two communities that sees sunlight. Thanestrom is shaded by a protrusion of the highest level of Adama, the Dwarven name for its slice of the Geart City. Adama extends higher and lower than any other community of this sector.. The sacred path to the lowest level of its slice of the Heart City is heavily guarded.


The Water World sector consists of several interconnected islands. It’s two most well-known geographical features are its Sky Bazaar and the Rose Coliseum.


The Rainbow World sector is a three-dimensional maze of hexagonal forms, well suited to the needs and aesthetic of its dominant insectoid form.


The Burning World is perhaps the most perplexing sector. The further one gets away from the Heart City, the further back in the World’s time one goes. This effect makes it appear that one is marching forward through time as they travel from the Gate to the Heart City.


The Cloud World’s sector is one of the most striking places in Farrago. It is mostly made of islands floating in endless skies. Sky bridges connect the floating islands and the communities (dubbed aeries) from the Gate to the Geart City, but the path changes often as the isles float on the wind.


The Spirit World sector exists in shades of gray and occasional  purples and greens. A long lonely road stretches through the demense of Umbra. Geistlaterne Castle and its farms are found on one side of the path. Carnivale Infame and Sunnyside are found in the Dreadwood March on the other side of the Lonely Path. A heavily armed carriage and an escort of holy paladins are recommended for safe passage between the Umbra Gate and the Heart City.


The Green World’s sector is heavily forested. The Heart City of this sector is actually made of magically grown trees and vines.