Elf Wizard

Fizzle is a husk who began his adventures in the TEMPLE OF WANJO in the PRISON HOLDING CELLS.

Fizzle [Sessions #1-8]

Fizzle awoke with Fenris Fairweather the Human Rogue, Kerla Chog the Human Fighter, Cullos Crowbane the Human Wizard, and Jotun Yggdrassil the Dwarf Cleric in the PRISON HOLDING CELLS. Their escape attempt was so fraught with bumbling self-injury that the silently observing Cuisses de Grenouille considered it a kindness to extort them for a magical key. His opportunistic intervention came too late to prevent Fizzle from miscasting a Charm spell and fighting against his comrades. As his friends fled, he was deemed harmless in his charmed state and remained behind with the jailer.

When his former friends, Kerla Chog, Cullos Crowbane, and Davroar Hollysword née Fenris Fairweather were caught attempting to rob the GUARD STORAGE ROOM, Fizzle rushed in to aid the Wart’ode jailer but was knocked unconscious.

Recovering from the spell, Fizzle rejoined the team as their exploration led them to the ROOM OF EIGHT at the heart of the magical maze within the TEMPLE OF WANJO. Eventually, it spit them out in the LIBRARY, where Davroar’s Chaos Bolt successfully destroyed an Ipsimus. Shortly afterward, they were routed by Wart’odes and cornered back in the GUARD ROOM. There, Davroar’s Janusian Blessing upon Zaptongue Half-Dragon caused the death of Cullos and also caused the room to cave in, depositing them back in the EXAMINATION ROOM. Everyone except Kerla Chog, buried in the debris, was captured by Wart’odes under the command of Zaptongue and Captain Gurglepuss. Fizzle managed to charm Zaptongue before the altercation ended.

After being fit with thrall collars to prevent them from harming Wart’odes, the adventurers were sent into the TEMPLE PRISON to scout ahead. Zaptongue refused to leave Fizzle’s side.

Fizzle was one of the party who vanished after the gods interrupted their quest with visions.