Gilgamesh, Master of All Militant Forms, is the deposed god of Erythaean, still served by his faithful in his absence despite the fact that Noah is now the god of the Burning World.

Gilgamesh has gone by many names throughout history, inspiring legends of great military heroes. In addition to Gilgamesh, he has gone by Nimrod, Alexander, Sun Tzu, Genghis Khan, Hannibal Barka, Tamerlane, Beowulf, and Hari Singh Nalwa the Baagh Maar (tiger-killer). Others such as Attila the Hun, Napoleon Bonaparte, Francisco Pizarro and Cyrus the Great found favor with Gilgamesh, who inspired them to victory after victory.

Gilgamesh is a master strategist who can see the strengths and weaknesses of his opponents tactics with innate ease; however, Valiant Thor was able to best him by treachery and with the aid of the Lords of the other six worlds, who feared his growing power and lust for conquest. Valiant Thor was able to trap him in an illusion where Gilgamesh constantly found himself fighting endless foes and monsters standing in the way between himself and Valiant Thor the Dreamweaver. When he finally defeated the dreamscape, he was released from the illusion, only to find that he had been deposed as the god of Erythaean for the past 40 years. Valiant Thor allowed him to depart Erythaean to Farrago, where he took on the role of Master Gladiator at the Rose Coliseum. It is rumored that he and Hero are brothers or were at least brothers-in-arms. Oxenbane found him worthy to be her husband while he reigned as Lord of Erythaean. Their daughter went on to become the Nylbolgia.

Followers of Gilgamesh

The monks, paladins, and battlemasters of the Master of All Militant Forms tend to be those interested in combat, conquest, the acquisition of power and the perfection of their fighting forms.

Gilgamesh is symbolized by a hook encircling a dot representing the world. Both his makau (war hook) and net bear special properties worthy of a god.