The bardic god Hero is the god of heroes, protagonists and war. His commitment to the Hero’s Journey has also made him the god of bards and storytellers.

In appearance, Hero is an ogre-sized bearded human or small giant with golden hair, perfect teeth and a barrel chest. He looks every bit the action hero his name implies.

Hero came to Farrago recently from somewhere else in the Otherverse, shortly after the first star fell. The Mad God Moriarty came with him. Which is to say that they’re relatively new gods from outside the Seven Worlds. Hero immediately began championing the innocent, hunting monsters and criminals and righting wrongs. After establishing a name for himself, he founded an adventure guild called Hero Inc. to train would-be heroes with the ultimate goal of stopping the destruction associated with the Prophecy of the Starkiller. Moriarty has implied that Hero was a villain before coming to the Seven Worlds and that he is bent on atoning for some past sin.

He partnered with Moriarty for, even though he knew the mad god’s chaotic nature, they were both working toward the same goal. Moriarty brokered a deal with Everly and B.O.B. to supply husks and transfer souls into them. Hero has refused to hear details of that deal and only agreed to use the process on volunteers as a safeguard against death during their mission to reopen the Portals. Moriarty, of course, began “volunteering” people without Hero’s knowledge.

Shortly after the Upheavel on Caeruleum, while trying to open the Water Portal, Hero was betrayed from within by Geralt Goldenblade, one of his chief lieutenants. Goldenblade staged a coupe and stole the guild from him. Goldenblade turned out to be Baldnoggin, the dwarf God of Adelsten, working undercover to see what these outsider gods were up to. Hero was forced to start over as Adventure Inc.

Followers of Hero

Hero tends to have his fair share of adherents from all classes, partly because he’s the god of heroes. He is particularly fond of the underdogs who become heroes, especially street urchins who steal to survive but go on to become heroes of legend, which is why he established a special order of rogue-paladins called Arbiters. It must be said that he did not confer this appointment on anyone until he learned that Moriarty was choosing champions for himself.

Hero’s symbol is a sword thrust through a golden circlet. His followers also adorn their armor and vestments with a golden rose or the seven-point Elven star.