Hrafnagud the Trickster, a mischievous deity who values change and transformation. In Common, she is simply called Raven, Lady Raven or Lord Raven. Because of her love of mimics, she is often called the Mother of Mimics.

Two of Hrafanud’s avatars, Huginn the White and Muninn the Grey, represent thought and memory respectively. Consequently, both Xorphax and Wanjo are revered among the Cuervos.

Followers of Hrafnagud

Her clerics specialize also in omens, the keeping and uncovering of secrets and in long-distance healing. Bringing such healing is said to be bringing healing on Hrafnagud’s wings.

Her clerics are masters of shapeshifting, illusion and mind manipulation. As a consequence of their zealous worship of Lord Raven, the Cuervos of Viridi are the only species of the Seven Worlds known to train Mimic Familiars which they covet for their shapeshifting abilities and basically treat like favored pets.

Hrafnagud’s symbol is a raven, sometimes simplified to a triangle turned on its side to represent a beak or a glyph resembling bird track. Raven’s favored weapon is the Mask of Many Faces, which allows the wearer to transmogrify into any creature of any size.