An ipsimus is a member of a race of sentient cephalopods who have learned to control magic. Most of them resemble a flying octopus or squid with piranha-like jaws. Their pupils are star-shaped. Ipsimus consider themselves the Masters of Caeruleum. Their society is based upon levels of thrall directly related to which subspecies they happen to be. They serve the dark goddess Xorphax and serve to subjugate or exterminate all other sentient races.

Levels of Thrall

Lesser Minions

A common “lesser minion’ Ipsimus

Lesser minions have only four tentacled arms. They are the lowest caste of ipsimus society and may be mind-controlled by any level of ipsimus above them. It typically carries one to three wands (stun, confusion, charm and destruction) with 1 to 3 daily charges in each. It’s tentacles are also used as flails or to grapple foes. f one tentacle is free, it has a grapple attack. Lesser ipsimus are often captured and enthralled by wizards or clerics to act as guard beasts. Enthralled sentries usually go for a bite attack in close quarters if hungry (and many are!).

Greater Minions

Greater minions come in two common forms, bulls and ravagers. They have bigger jaws than lesser minions and stronger armor. They also differ from their cohorts because they prefers to wield clubs and blade saws rather than wands.

The Bull ipsimus uses its bone armor to gore like a minotaur in charge attacks.

Ravagers have two tentacles ending in toothy mouths. The extra bite attacks are formidable.


Dominators have six arms. The extra long tentacles do both bludgeoning and piercing damage. Two end in crab-like pincers. The last two are typically armed with wands. They control 3 to 6 minions. If utilized, its Ink of Darkness foils even dwarven vision to 10 feet as dim. Additionally, any creature within 50 feet must save against effects of dominator, or risk one of several psychic effects, including becoming confused, afraid, charmed, or dominated.


Bishops control all other ipsimus. They are extremely rare but incredibly formidable. Unlike the other subspecies, bishops are landbound due to their great size. They are typically protected by 1 to 3 dominators and their minions. They receive their instructions directly from the Queen. Bishops utilize spell spheres with higher levels of damage. They also generate a forcefield within 50 feet.


No one knows for sure what the Queen looks like or what her capabilities are but it is suspected that she is the size of a small island. There is only one queen on Caeruleum. She is named as Sekhmet and is hailed as the Consort of Cthulhu.

The Temple of Wanjo

Clerics of Wanjo magically enslaved lesser and greater ipsimus as guard beasts in the Temple of Wanjo and the adjacent Prison, under the onus that the punishment should fit the crime. Ipsimus freed from such enslavement to “lesser races” typically self-destruct in shame. Those who do not are usually considered insane by other ipsimus and are destroyed on sight.

The shaking of the Blue World caused major seismic activity. This shattered the subterranean Temple Prisons, causing many of the prisoners to die but some to escape. Their ipsimus guards behgan hunting them down. With the prison ruined and unrecognizable in some sections, some of the ipsimus adapted by expanding their notion of what the prison was to the concept of “The prison is the world!” A few others were brought back under the command of a wizard of Wanjo, a tidal elf who was enthralled to a War’tode calling himself the Big Big Boss.