The original god of the War’todes is Kroakatoa, the volcano god. Technically, it’s the volcano they worship. It has never shown any indications of being a god. Wanjo the Wise has vpoiced serious doubts at to whether any of the deities worshiped by the War’todes of Caeruleum actually qualify as gods.

When the first star fell according to the Prophecy of the Starkiller and the Staff of Summoning (and apparently all access to War’t) was lost during the Upheavel, the cult of Kroakatoa saw an opportunity. Snizzle, the cleric of Kroakatoa, began trumpeting that the volcano god had finally shaken the ground in anger at their abandonment of his worship and swallowed the false god War’t whole into the earth.

Followers of Kroakatoa

All of Kroakatoa’s few followers are War’todes. His followers believe that anything which falls from the sky has been spewed forth from Kroakatoa as a gift to the faithful and therefore belongs to them.

Kroakatoa’s symbol is a volcano with an angry face.