Tortle Druid

Kubi is a Tortle Druid of the Circle of the Land (Forest) and follower of thd outsider goddess Chauntea.

Kubi once roamed the land of deep forest until one day when he came across a Druid ritual circle formed of sarsen stones. stone pillars on the edge of the circle. While he was investigating the ritual site, a group of druids appeared to perform a secret Druidic ritual. Kubi thought that he would be punished for trespassing on sacred ground but instead they asked him to join the ritual to become a Druid. He was grateful for this opportunity because he had always felt a connection with nature and wished to strengthen it. It also just so happened that the druids that he encountered were worshippers of the outdider goddess Chauntea, whom Kubi also worshipped.

After he performed the ritual with them, he was given a mentor, and after a while was given a task to prove that he was truly worthy of becoming a Druid. The task was to slay a ferocious beast that was invasive to and had ruined many habitats within the deep forest. No one who had been charged with this task had yet survived, but Kubi proved up to the challenge. He confronted the beast and slew it, earning the full right to becoming a Druid while saving his homeland.

The task gave him a taste for adventure so hd set off to see the Seven Worlds. He met the adventurers shortly after they opened the Portal between FARRAGO.

Status: Living


  • Druid and follower of the outsider goddess Chauntea.
  • His team won in the first round of the Gotternacht Games.
  • Bound by a dark contract to Shelby the Raksasa Sorcerer

(Session #44-46)

The adventurers met Kubi the Tortle Druid shortly after they’d opened the Water Portal between FARRAGO and CAERULEUM. He narrowly escaped being petrified by the gaze of the goddess Meh when Lightfingers the Elf Rogue thoughtlessly summoned her.

Accompanying them to the ROSE COLISEUM on CLAW ISLAND, he participated in a game of Capture the Flag in the first round of the Gotternacht Games. His team consisted of himself, Nathan Garney the Human Ckeric and Champion of Everly, Pigsnot the Elf Fighter and Champion of Mung, Nikolas the brass Dragonborn Fighter, and team leader Anvindr Drakeel the Air Genasi Sorcerer. After his team won the contest, he secured the staff of Moog at the ROSE COLISEUM MARKET. He also gained a pet rock. He agreed to let a 500-year-old kobold pay for these purchases, inadvertently binding him in a pact with Shelby the Rakshasa Sorcerer, disguised as the kobold.