Libris is a complicated god with a very simple goal: balance. Balance at any cost. When evil grows, he sends his followers to vanquish it. When good reigns dominant, he seeks to subvert and undermine it.

Wanjo the Wise speculates that Libris is much older than the other gods, a remnant god of Obsidius, the World-That-Was. Libris most often takes the form of a noble human in a bowler hat. He also takes on the form of a minotaur from time to time.

Followers of Libris

The followers of Libris believe they are preserving life as it should be. They see evil as necessary as good for the growth and development of life. The Gray, as their religion is referred to, believes in “Fairness, but balance above all.” Because of his minotaur guise, Libris is popular amongst minotaurs. He is also popular amongst certain members of the ruling elite.

Libris takes a set of scales as his symbol for obvious reasons. A magical set of scales in his shrines and smaller sets carried by his followers indicates whether he feels the weight of good and evil in the area is out-of-balance.