Elf Rogue

Lightfingers is a husk who began his adventures in the TEMPLE OF WANJO in the EXAMINATION ROOM.

Status: (Cursed) Alive


  • “Volunteered” as a questing husk by Moriarty.
  • Probable that Lightfingers was a husk formerly belonging to one of the members of the Dragonfire Five.
  • Later resurrected and ejected from a wyldstorm portal in Obscurus’ magical LIBRARY.
  • Charged by Canon with opening the Water Portal on CAERULEUM
  •  Inadvertently entered into a contract with Shelby and the outsider Pazuzu.

Lightfingers [Sessions #1-2]

Lightfingers awoke with Hogwash the Elf Bard, Pigsnout the Elf Fighter, Rosmita Stout the Halfling Bard, and Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard in the EXAMINATION ROOM.

Proceeding south to the CRYPT OF THE OLD GUARD, they awakened the Captain of the Guard and the tidal elf skeletons under his command from their sarcophagi. After a brief skirmish, Rosmita Stout cast charm on the Captain of the Guard, whereupon hostilities ceased. Ironically, had they followed Lightfingers’ advice to cross the center of the room and touch nothing instead of attempting to loot the sarcophagi, they would’ve passed through without incident.

Even so, the Captain of the Guard advised them to take a new route. Following his advise, they returned back the way they came and headed for the LIBRARY STORAGE ROOM, losing Rosmita along the way.

A tunnel dug into the back of the room led to the WART’ODE TUNNELS. After seeing the Bard God Hero in a vision, his comrades discovered Lightfingers had vanished.

Lightfingers’s eventual fate was never revealed.

Lightfingers [Sessions #36-41]

A second use of the Lightfingers husk occurred when he was ejected from a wyldstorm portal that resulted from a tortle magic user’s post mortem spell in Obscurus’ magical LIBRARY. As before, he had no memory of where he’d been previously, but was certain he was now in the wrong body! Eondul the Human Wizard, Nellson Williams the red Tiefling Artificer with a robotic left arm and his steel defender gorilla CupcakeNikolas the brass Dragonborn Fighter, and Pigsnot the Elf Fighter were also ejected from the wyldstorm portal. They opted to join the party of Acindor the Human Fighter, Nathan Garney the Cleric of Everly, Kudac the Half-Orc Cleric of Baldnoggin, Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard, Dumplin Ages the Halfling Barbarian and Shelby the Rakshasa Sorcerer.

The goddess Canon then appeared and charged them with opening the Water Portal on CAERULEUM and transported them to the TEMPLE OF WANJO.

During an altercation between Shelby and Davroar Hollyshield the Cleric of Moriarty, Lightfingers opened an accursed book resulting in an ominous-sounding gong. Left alone with Shelby, he inadvertently entered a contract with the rakshasa and his dread outsider lord, Pazuzu.

He and his comrades were immediately forced to combat an army of ghouls in a running battle through the TEMPLE OF WANJO. Escaping the undead, they scouted out the WAR’TODE ENCAMPMANT which guarded CAERULEUM’s WATER PORTAL to FARRAGO.

After Shelby teleported Lightfingers and several others to the PORTAL PLATFORM, Lightfingers held himself well in battle against their War’tode foes. He found himself teleported down to the ENCAMPMENT below when Davroar Hollysword cast the Glory of Moriarty, sending the battle into further chaos. He immediately made his way back to the PLATFORM to guard the Portal as it opened.