The goddess Meh was born Melanctha Petralias but the goddess of apathy, boredom and depression became so apathetic about the effort required to say her own name that she shortened it to Meh.

Meh is a medusan who grants both her foes and followers the gift of petrified rest. She holds petrified victims as sacred and is careful that none of the statues in her Garden of Stone come to harm.

Followers of Meh

The followers of Meh include some surprisingly good fighters. Monks following the Path of the Golden Sloth and fighters who call themselves slackblades appear lazy, but are surprisingly quick, efficient and ruthless when they do engage their enemies. Like their medusan goddess, they are quick to subdue their prey so they can get back to their rest.

Meh has not bothered to create or establish a symbol. Of course, a medusan head is the symbol most often attributed to them.