Mung is the minor god of moisture and fungus. His Water and Corruption foci place him in league with Wanjo, B.O.B., Ridley and Thanatar.

Truth be told, Mung was always something of nuisance to the other gods until one of the members of the Dragonfire Five turned out to be a Mung worshiper. From that point, very recently in history, they have begun to re-evaluate how powerful he might actually be.

The Deathcap Forest on Viridi is Mung’s special domain. It is home to swamps, fern-covered glades and giant fungi the size of trees.

Followers of Mung

Mung’s followers tend to be goblins and creatures who live in swamps, subterranean caverns and other locales likely to grow fungus. He is also worshiped by most sentient fungi.

Mung’s symbol is, predictably enough, a mushroom.