Erythaean is tended by the gnomish god Noah, the personification of Dexterity. He is the gnomish god of craft and industry and possessor of the Gunslinger’s Armor, mechanized armor with built-in alchemical pistols.

Noah is a relatively new god but unlike Hero, Moriarty and B.O.B., he doesn’t hail from the Otherverse. Rather he is a gnome who achieved enough power and intelligence to challenge the god of his world. He supplanted Valiant Thor, lord of the dero, in a contest of wits arranged by Wanjo the Wise. At first, it was feared that Noah had lost because he ended up in the Realm of B.O.B. B.O.B. allowed Noah to return to Erythaean in exchange for creating B.O.B.’s Bestiary of the Seven Worlds, which records the existence of all living and undead things. Having lost the contest, Valiant Thor vacated the Burning World, but there are hints that he may be pulling strings from the shadows.

Like his predecessor, Noah strictly limits access to and from the Red World. Not that many people want to visit an apocalyptic world choking on the fumes of its own hate and rage.

Followers of Noah

Noah is the god of craft, industry and fire. He is the god of blacksmiths, merchants and technomancers. Valiant Thor was interested in power and control through commerce and media. Noah is more concerned with excellence of craft and innovation. These differences of emphasis have resulted in many clerics of Val remaining loyal to the old god. Noah’s clerics are awarded goggles of peculiar insight at the higher levels. His chosen paladins are awarded the master gear which when placed in contact with any broken mechanism restores it to full working order for the duration of that contact.

Noah’s symbol is a gear. He is also represented by an anvil, hammer and the symbol for Fire.