Nubis, the Cloud World is ruled by the Aeon, represented by the Wind symbol.

If our adventurers manage to open the Water Portal on Caeruleum, they will learn that they have to open the Portals to the remaining Worlds. Each trip to another World requires a harrowing journey through the Elderwyld.

Once they arrive on Nubis, they will find themselves among the sky archpilegos of the Cloud World. The people here mostly live in the planet’s floating islands and on airships.

Most of the islands exist on a more or less even level, for nothing can long survive the strange gravity fluctuations and unpredictable winds of the Netherfall below. The cold of Ether snuffs out the enthusiasm of anyone foolhardy enough to brave those heights.

The sky kingdoms if Nubis were once peaceful, but war has been swelling to a head amongst the Aeon ever since Zephyr came up missing. As the gods quarrel, nations war.

Nubis is also the preferred abode of Alphadracos, the father of dragons. As of late, a mysterious outsider god has been making vassals of the airborne races of Nubis. His dark power grows while the sibling gods of the Aeon bicker amongst themselves.