The Nylbogia is worshipped by many species of the Seven Worlds as the deity of war, vengeance and dark designs. The goblins worship her as the Night Goblin, the elves as the Night Elf, the minotaurs as the Night Minotaur, etc. Humans call her by the slightly more creative name, Nightshade. Nightshade constantly strives to make war and rumors of war, unrest and peril.

Born of Gilgamesh and Khutulun Khan, better known as Oxenbane, the Nylbolgia was originally born a half-giantess but transformed herself into a goblin out of love and reverence for the much-maligned species she came to champion.

The Nylbogia’s Faithful

Assassins, warlords, conspirators, and secret societies alike pay homage to her.

Her weapon of choice is the Cloak of Paranoia which stirs those around her into rage, confusion and fear. Moriarty is quite fond of her.