Half-Elf Warlock

Oberyx is a Half-Elf Warlock oathbound to Fulgar of the Aeon, on one the lords of Nubis.

Status: Unknown


  • Survived a shipwreck at PEACOCK ISLAND
  • Claimed the boots of the recently slain Thril Wolfsbane
  • Vanished with other castaways

(Session #29)

Oberyx was traveling by ship to the Gotternacht Games at the ROSE COLISEUM in FARRAGO accompanied by Del Erenaeth the Elf Monk, Zook Bafflestone the Gnome Artficer, Kaid the Goliath Barbarian, David the Half-Elf Wizard, Fil the Half-Elf Cleric of Zephyr, Kudac the Half-Orc Cleric of Baldnoggin, when an unnatural storm shipwrecked them off the shore of PEACOCK ISLAND.

At the PEACOCK ISLAND DOCKS, they met Acindor the Human Fighter, Nathan Garney the Human Cleric of Everly, Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard and Davroar Hollysword the Elf Cleric of Moriarty. Having lost a shoe during the shipwreck, the castaway was offered the boots of the recently slain Thril Wolfsbane the Elf Fighter. He decided to accompany Acindor and the others on their quest to Obscurus‘ MANSION; however, in the morning it was discovered that he, Del and Zook were missing, apparently having set off on their own.

Oberyx’ fate is unknown.