Dwarf Fighter

Odin Thunderhammer first joined the adventures in the CAGES of the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT in the WART’ODE TUNNELS outside the TEMPLE OF WANJO.

Status: Dead


  • First met Meldor Ironforge when captured by War’todes.
  • Joined the roster of Baldnoggin‘s Hero Inc
  • Braucia Graeme has placed a contract with the Red Circle on his life at the behest of B.O.B. and Thanatar for his part in destroying the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION at SMUGGLER SPEAK.
  • Captured by Joe Stufts the Necromancer and released with Nathan Garney
  • Marked for assassination by the Red Circle.
  • Faced a ratipede and lived.
  • Faced a ratipede again and was poisoned.
  • Faced the Red Circle and died.

Odin Thunderhammer [Sessions #6-8, 14, 25, 33-36]

Odin first joined the adventures in the CAGES of the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT in the WART’ODE TUNNELS outside the TEMPLE OF WANJO. He awoke as the cellmate of Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard.

After he snitched on Cuisses de Grenouille (aka Froglegs) for trying to break them out, they were brought to Captain Gurglepuss, who offered them a deal. Taking Gurglepuss’ deal, Meldor and Odin convince Gilderwart, the Big Big Boss of the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT, that they can fetch the Staff of Summoning for him. He agrees to let the attempt this quest under the watch of Captain Gurglepuss and Zaptongue Half-Dragon.

Zayn Carthin the Elf Arbiter (Rogue-Paladin) of Hero was also brought along. The Wart’odes later manage to capture three Fighters, Acindor the Human, Thrill Wolfsbane the Elf and Weddumlir Aleshield the Dwarf in the EXAMINATION ROOM. After a brief skirmish with Zaptongue, they also capture two Elves, Davroar Hollysword the Cleric of Moriarty, Cullos Crowbane the Human Wizard and Fizzle the Elf Wizard.

After being fit with thrall collars to prevent them from harming Wart’odes, the adventurers are sent into the TEMPLE PRISON to scout ahead.

Odin was one of the party who vanished after the gods interrupted their quest with visions. He was not seen again until he unexpected arrived with the roster of Hero Inc as they stormed the CHAMBER OF CORRUPTION at SMUGGLER SPEAK. He successfully killed an awakened Basilisk after Weddumlir pulled a conspicuous dagger from his back.

Odin once more vanished along with the rest of Hero Inc when the dwarf god Baldnoggin crowned Weddumlir as his new champion and sent him into the battle alone to prove the might and glory of Hero Inc.

Nathan Garney encountered Odin later in FARRAGO when he was kidnapped by Joe Stufts the Necromancer Taxidermist. Stufts who marked them with an assassin’s dart but delayed the attached spell that would give the Red Circle his location in return for stealing an unpublished spell from his brother, Obscurus. They emerged above ground on the streets of MIDDLEBOROUGH ISLAND just in time to be reunited with their comrades and chased off the island by an angry mob of Redforges. On PEVENSIE ISLAND, they were ushered through a magical door to CLAW ISLAND by Fizzle the Fifth.

After spending a night at the EXCELSIOR,  the others discovered that Odin had gone missing.

Truth be told, he was worried that if the Red Circle found Nathan’s party, they’d catch two birds with one net. Unfortunately, his decision to split with Nathan in order to half the assassins’ chances of catching them both worked out in Nathan’s favor rather than his! The Red Circle almost immediately picked up his trail and began pursuing him.

Desperate for help, he himself picked up Nathan’s trail and followed his party to PEACOCK ISLAND. He met up with Sionna the Simic Hybrid Bard at Obscurus’ MANSION as she was trying to elude a band of kobolds. While they gave the kobolds the slip, the Red Circle found them in short order.

Escaping through a portal, they found Acindor and Weddumlir in the RELIQUARY. They made a hasty exit after Odin and Sionna warned them that the Red Circle was hot on their heels; however, they ran afoul of a ratipede. They survived the encounter by the intervention of an ancient kobold who banished the creature and then showed them the way to the LIBRARY via the ARBORETUM portal.

In the LIBRARY, they lost Sionna but met Dumplin Ages the Halfling Barbarian and her death dogs. After being reunited by Meldor, Nathan and Kudac, he helped subdue the ratipede after it swallowed Wedd; however, he was poisoned in the process. He still managed to find the strength to help fight off the Red Circle when they at last caught up to the party. Unfortunately, he was killed by an assassin’s post mortem curse.