Khutulun Khan is the goddess of peril and storms, the personification of Strength. She rides the skies of the Shadow World of Umbra with her pet dragons, which are known collectively as the Furies: a male, Dazos the Deathstrike, and two females, Seithor the Ashmaker and Yrgenar the Stormrider. Oxenbane is the possessor of the Thunderbow, which shoots lightning arrows.

The inhabitants of Umbra call her Ükhriin Daisan, translated across the Seven Worlds in Common as her more commonly known nickname, Oxenbane.

Umbra is also known as the Realm of Souls. She welcomes the souls of the valorous dead into the Hallowed Rest, until they are called forth to defend her World against its enemies and drives the souls of the wicked into the Pandemonium, an unending nightmare where there is no rest but only pain and terror. The boundaries of her world grow with each passing year to accommodate the swell of the dying.

Oxenbane was once wed to Gilgamesh, then the Lord of Erythaean. Their daughter went on to become the Nylbolgia. When the other gods plotted against Gilgamesh, fearing his growing power and lust for conquest, Oxenbane chose to neither aid nor oppose them. When Gilgamesh emerged after 40 years in Valiant Thor‘s dreamscape, Gilgamesh’s bitterness at her inaction left no place for their relationship to continue.

While she has always been a bit standoffish toward the other gods, but she is openly hostile to the new gods from beyond the Seven Worlds. Oxenbane holds a particular enmity for B.O.B., whom she considers a rival, especially since she has began to notice that many of the souls charged to her have not been making their way to Umbra. She first noticed their absence when the Dragonfire Five, fabled champions against Moriarty who’d recentgly met their end, failed to make an appearance. She quickly discovered that since B.O.B. entered the Seven Worlds only the souls of those faithful to Oxenbane were sure to find her Rest. The wicked and the valorous dead who served other deities besides Oxenbane in life have been increasingly been siphoned off to the Realm of B.O.B. B.O.B.’s methods of stripping the dead of resurrected bodies and storing their spirits apart from their “husks” is an abomination in her sight.

Oxenbane is prevented from waging war against B.O.B. because she needs her Hallowed against the growing army of another deity from the Otherverse. Shadofar promises the wicked dead the release of oblivion if they will fight for him.

Followers of Oxenbane

Oxenbane’s attracts a fair number of fighters, clerics and bards, particularly of the latter those who write songs to honor the dead. Dandylion Discord is probably her most famous bard. Dwarves, giants and humans tend to find her ways attractive. She has no use for traditional necromancers. Her clerics honor the dead rather than raising them for their own ends; the Living Hallowed help send the undead to Umbra and raise those slain before their time. As a rule, rogues hates Oxenbane with an unholy passion, since the general assumption is that thieves are destined for the Pandemonium.

Oxenbane’s symbol is three dragon heads or a circle separated into light and dark halves.