Elf Fighter

Pigsnout is a husk who began his adventures in the TEMPLE OF WANJO in the EXAMINATION ROOM.

Pigsnout [Sessions #1-5]

Pigsnout awoke with Hogwash the Elf Bard, Lightfingers the Elf Rogue, Rosmita Stout the Halfling Bard, and Meldor Ironforge the Dwarf Wizard in the EXAMINATION ROOM.

Proceeding south to the CRYPT OF THE OLD GUARD, Pigsnout awakened the Captain of the Guard and the tidal elf skeletons under his command from their sarcophagi. After a brief skirmish, Rosmita Stout cast charm on the Captain of the Guard, whereupon hostilities ceased. Following his advise, they returned backthe way they came and headed for the LIBRARY STORAGE ROOM, losing Rosmita along the way. A tunnel dug into the back of the room led to the WART’ODE TUNNELS, where Lightfingers vanished. After a quick encounter with a Kypseli, Hogwash falls for a pit trap leading to the PIT OF THE DYING where Snizzle the Cleric of Kroakatoa was quick to pounce. Though Meldor and Pigsnout tried to save her, the mad cleric’s thunderwave killed her.

Retreating back the way they came, they came upon Hogwash in a new form, Zayn Carthin the Rogue-Paladin, in a tunnel.

After surveying the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT from an overlook, the trio stumbled upon the DRAGON’S LAIR in the aftermath of Bhardor Silvertongue and Dishrag the Brave’s ill-fated attempt at dragonslaying. They drew the dragon’s attention but it choked on Bhardor’s arm as it inhaled to use its breath weapon. Pigsnout is mentioned by name in Dandylion Discord‘s celebrated ballad, The Vengeance of Bhardos

Climbing down from their ledge, they explored the SOUTH WATCH CAVERN until accidentally drewthe attention of the WART’ODE ENCAMPMENT. The Wart’odes pursued them into the tunnels where they were captured and brought to the CAGES.

Pigsnout has been missing since his capture.