Master Void, the Eternal Emptiness, the End, Master Zero, the Darkness, the Lord of the Wyrd. Shadofar is technically not a God. He is an antigod or an Other (an intruder upon the plane of the Seven Worlds), depending upon how you look at him. His tentacles are made of antimatter.

Shadofar’s form is unknowable. He is described as a devouring flame and as a black void ringed with astral tentacles but there is no way to know if this is true. To stand before him is to witness one’s final moments before ceasing to exist as even a memory.

Shadofar is sometimes called the Great Devourer. It is said that he will not rest until even the gods and the stars are consumed and not even their memory remains.

Shadofar was first drawn to Obsidius, the World-That-Was, by the strength of the World’s Soulspark. His first attack shattered Obsidius into eight Worlds. One of those worlds, Clypeus, was mostly devoured before gods and mortals could rally against the Master Void. They successfully fought him off and then hid the remaining Seven Worlds within the Veil of the Elderwyld, but the Prophecy of the Starkiller promises his return.

Followers of Shadofar

His army consists of cultists and small vermin called Gnashers and Slashers, the latter of whom can only exist under cover of his unnatural darkness. His followers are notorious for destroying monuments and burning libraries in their zeal to erase even memories from existence.

Recently, he has been recruiting the the wicked dead who reside in the Pandemonium of Umbra, promising them the release of nothingness from their eternal torment in return for their service. Suicide victims sometimes come back as wraith, banshees or other vengeful specters, bound to Shadofar’s service until they are granted oblivion as their reward.

Shadofar is symbolized by a ring with a star at its edge, an eclipse.