Shettebrek is the lord of fear and panic, worshipped across all Seven Worlds, but acknowledged especially as the Dark Lord of the Pandemonium.

He feeds on terror and thus his chief aim is to make a nightmare of the world. Mimics and Boogeymen under the beds, and monsters in the closet are believed to be his creations, but also zombies, wraiths, vampires and lycanthropes.

Shettebrek takes many forms but he is best known as the Many-Eyed One, an avatar based on the common fear of predator eyes in the dark.

One of his avatars is the Thanatar the Harvest Lord, who went on to become a deity in his own right.

Followers of Shettebrek

Followers of Shettebrek are not generally good folk. They are attracted to the power that terror, dread and horror give them over others. The only notable exceptions to this rule are the Sisterhood of Shettebrek, commonly shortened to simply The Sisterhood. These servants of both the Nylbolgia and the Lord of Panic specialize in terrorizing unjust rulers, bullies and anyone else who abuses power.

Shettebrek’s favored weapons are Night Daggers, which cause fear and madness in everyone they strike.

Shettebrek’s symbols are many and varied, depending upon what is most feared in a particular region. Everything from a simple skull to a stylized stick man with large triangular teeth have represented him. Obviously, as the Many-Eyed One, his clerics are wont to cover their garments or bodies (in tattoos) of eyes. He’s also been represented by wolves, spiders, dragons, scorpions and pretty much anything else someone can he afraid of. The peacock is revered amongst Shettebrek’s followers, both for the eyes on its plumage and for its bloodcurdling screams.