Simic Hybrid Bard

Sionna is a Simic Hybrid Bard who appears like a fox humanoid.

Status: Unknown


  • Parachuted down to PEACOCK ISLAND from a skyship
  • Faced the Red Circle and a ratipede and lived.

(Session #30, 33)

Sionna has not yet revealed the details of how she came to be parachuting out of a skyship in a chute that was clearly patched together with amateur skill, but she stuck the landing on the PEACOCK ISLAND DOCKS with true bardic flair!

Seeing no other living souls about, she threw in her lot with David the Half-Elf Wizard, Kudac the Half-Orc Cleric of Baldnoggin, Kaid the Goliath Barbarian, and Gnome Shanarock the Dwarf Rogue. After speaking to Nobody in the TRANSMITTER TOWER, they secured a tram ride to Obscurus’ MANSION as servants. They met up with the rest of the adventuring party soon after arriving.

Sionna was among those who were separated from the party when a tribe of kobolds attacked shortly thereafter.

She met up with Odin Thunderhammer the Dwarf Fighter as she was trying to elude the kobolds. While they gave the kobolds the slip, he informed her that he was also being pursued by a renowned group of assassins called the Red Circle, who found them in short order.

Escaping through a portal, they found Acindor and Weddumlir in the RELIQUARY. They made a hasty exit after Odin and Sionna warned them that the Red Circle was hot on their heels; however, they ran afoul of a ratipede. They survived the encounter by the intervention of an ancient kobold who banished the creature and then showed them the way to the LIBRARY via the ARBORETUM portal.

Sionna fell through a revolving bookcase in the LIBRARY and was separated from the party.