Thanatar the Harvest Lord, was originally one of the avatars of Shettebrek; however, he went on to become a deity in his own right. The Harvest Lord is the also known amongst dwarves as the Grim. He is the God of undeath and unnatural existence. Shettebrek conceived of him as he pondered how best to oppose Everly. Thanatar is the personification of the fear of death, decay and the afterlife. His Harvest is that of mortal flesh.

Everly and Oxenbane opposed him because death is a natural part of the cycle of life and undeath is an unnatural state between them. B.O.B. opposes Thanatar for much the same reason. Thanatar has recently allied himself with Shadofar in a bid to displace Shettebrek as Lord of the Pandemonium.

Followers of Thanatar

He is the chief God of necromancers and the deathless souls of the Pandemonium.

His favored weapon is Blackest Night, the war-scythe.

Thanatar’s symbol is a scythe or sheaf of grain.