The Gods

Lords of the Seven Worlds

These gods are symbolized by the seven-point Elven Star, symbolizing the Seven Days of Creation standing against the destruction prophesied with the coming of the Starkiller.

  1. Oxenbane: Umbra is tended by the giant goddess, Khutulun Khan aka Ükhriin Daisan (or Oxenbane in Common the appellation she’s more commonly known by, ), the personification of Strength. She is the goddess of peril and storms. She rides the skies of the Shadow World with her pet dragons. known collectively as the Furies: a male, Dazos the Deathstrike, and two females, Seithor the Ashmaker and Yrgenar the Stormrider. Oxenbane is the possessor of the Thunderbow, which shoots lightning arrows.
  2. Noah: Erythaean is tended by the personification of Dexterity. Noah is the  gnomish god of craft and industry and possessor of the Gunslinger’s Armor, mechanized armor with built-in alchemical pistols.
  3. Baldnoggin: Adelsten is tend to by the dwarven embodiment of Constitution. Baldnoggin is the god of the harvest, strength and stone. He is the possessor of the Sureshield, a magical shield that generates a forcefield.
  4. Xorphax: Enfys is tended by the personification of Intelligence. Unfortunately, the insectoid goddess of mind and domination would prefer the Seven Worlds be a hive mind under her control. Xorphax is the possessor of the Nevermind, a magically sentient reference book with a bad temper and a fickle sense of humor which secretly seeks to rule the world itself.
  5. Aeon: Nubis is tended to by the Aeon, currently a trinity of winged elven deities who are the personification of Charisma. Helios, sun goddess of questing and war, possessor of the Evermap; Aethereus, god of the heavens, wind and song, possessor of Warsinger the harp; and Fulgar, goddess of passion and impulse, possessor of the lightning-shaped Heartwyrm, a scepter with the ability to influence emotions.
  6. Wanjo: Caeruleum is tended to by the human god Wanjo the Wise, who is of course the personification of Wisdom. He is also the god of the sea and magic and possessor of the Invisibility Cloak which also makes intentions known.
  7. Everly: Viridi is tended to by the twin halfling gods Ridley and Ripley, the embodiments of Life and Chance. Ridley is male and associated with rain and luck while Ripley is associated with the fate and the seed of life. Oddly, when spoken of collectively, they are referred to as Everly, which might explain why their clerics wear livery depicting both the symbol for Life and a wild boar running rampant through a meadow. They are the possessors of the Dice of Destiny.

Otherverse Deities

Some of the deities one encounters in the Seven Worlds originated from another universe entirely.

  • B.O.B. – Appears as a disembodied eye surrounded by a ring of scythes or swords. God of Death and lost things, a psychopomp. Possessor of the Reaper, a scythe-axe that flies around at the thought of its wielder.
  • Cthulhu – The Deep Lord is also known as The Traveler and the Great Old One because he is believed to be the first deity or deity-like entity to come to the Seven Worlds from the Otherverse.
  • Hero – Bardic God of Order, Heroes, Protagonists and War. Possessor of the Sword of Heroes.
  • Moriarty, Trickster God of Chaos. Likes to appear as an undead dragon skull or dracolich. Possessor of the Chaoshammer.
  • Shadofar – Master Void, the Eternal Emptiness, the End, Master Zero, the Darkness, the Lord of the Wyrd. Shadofar is technically not a God. He is an antigod or an Other (an intruder upon the plane of the Seven Worlds), depending upon how you look at him. His tentacles are made of antimatter. His army consists of cultists and small vermin called Gnashers and Slashers, the latter of whom can only exist under cover of his unnatural darkness. Symbolized by a ring with a star at its edge, an eclipse.

Other Deities

Not all of the gods are rulers of the Seven Worlds but they play a part in the pantheon. Of course, many things are worshipped as gods which are not.

  • Agon – God of Fools
  • Gilgamesh – Master of All Martial Forms
  • Hrafnagud – The Trickster god
  • Kroakatoa – The volcano the War’todes view as god
  • Libris – God of balance.
  • Meh – Goddess of apathy and slumber
  • Mung – The minor god of moisture and fungus.
  • The Nylbogia – The goddess of war, vengeance and dark designs.
  • Shettebrek – God of fear and nightmares.
  • Thanatar – Originally the Harvest Lord was a mere avatar of Shettebrek. Now he is the Grim, the god of undeath and unnatural existence.
  • Valiant Thor – The recently deposed god of Erythaean agreed to leave the Burning World after losing his contest with Noah, but can anyone ever truly trust the lord of the dero?
  • War’t – The frog god for whom the War’todes of Caeruleum are named.